• October 25, 2021

Tags : Domino

VLog: TNTM’s Troy unboxes August Bam! Comic Box (BamBox!)

The Bam! Comic Box for August arrived and I unbox and review it. Bam! Description The BAM! Comic Box is a high end box featuring signed and CBCS slabbed comic book in every box. Each box includes a slabbed comic book containing a Beckett authenticated autograph. A duplicate non-slabbed copy of the comic is included […]Read More

Video Movie Review – TNTM: Deadpool 2

If you liked the first Deadpool movie, you will love the sequel. Deadpool 2 was much more Deadpool being like his character in the comic books. There is a lot of silly humor and fourth wall breaking. We both highly recommend you watching Deadpool 2. You don’t have to take our word for it. We […]Read More

Video+Story – TNTM: Deadpool 2 Movie Discussion

The first Deadpool movie was a big success. They were able to convince Twentieth Century Fox to let them run with an R rating. This allowed them to stay true to the character of Deadpool. What they got in return was a great comic book movie. Deadpool 2 is addressing on issue that Wade Wilson […]Read More

Video+Story – TNTM: Marvel Comics to give Domino her own

Marvel has decided to give Domino (Neena Thurman) her own comic book. Domino has been a member of Six Pack, X-Force, and X-Corporation. She was created by writer Fabian Nicieza and artist/co-writer Rob Liefeld. Domino’s first full cover story appearance was in X-Force #8 (March 1992) as a past member of the Wild Pack, later […]Read More

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