• June 18, 2021

Tags : Dr. Strange

TNTM: New Ghost Rider joins Spirit of Vengeance

Doctor Strange is putting together a team of the world’s most powerful magic users from throughout all time.  He needs their help to battle a new and extremely powerful villain called the Forgotten. One of the mystical group he is recruiting is Kushala, aka the Demon Rider.  She had her debut in “Doctor Strange and […]Read More

Victor Urbina’s Minding your Business: How To Be Master Of

A parallel universe. Existing in two places at once. Definitely something you would expect in a sci-fi or super hero movie, right? Well, if you’ve seen the new Marvel movie Dr. Strange then you know he operates in “the multiverse.” He’s able to be in multiple places at once. But did you know that a […]Read More

Talk Nerdy to Me: Doctor Strange Preview

A lot of popular comic book mystical characters run into difficulties on TV or the big screen. You could argue it is due to poor casting choices or weak scripts (Keanu Reeves as Constantine comes to mind). We tend to believe the popularity of a character has more to do with how you relate to […]Read More