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Saturday , March 23 2019
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TNTM: New Ghost Rider joins Spirit of Vengeance

Doctor Strange is putting together a team of the world’s most powerful magic users from throughout all time.  He needs their help to battle a new and extremely powerful villain called the Forgotten.

One of the mystical group he is recruiting is Kushala, aka the Demon Rider.  She had her debut in “Doctor Strange and the Sorcerer Supremes” #1.

Kushala is more than just a hero from the 1880s Marvel Universe. She is also the Native American incarnation of the Ghost Rider.

“She is a new character of Apache descent,” said series artist Javier Rodriguez.  “My inspiration comes from the tribes of New Mexico. They have a dance that is very powerful on every visual level. That ‘Devil Dance’ aesthetic and the geometric symbols mix perfectly with Kushala’s flaming skull and horse.”

“She is the Ghost Rider of the 1880s,” editor Nick Lowe expands. “She is a Native American woman and she gets really terrifying in Doctor Strange and the Sorcerers Supreme when she turns into her Ghost Rider, so we wanted to make sure she had her own unique name as well, so Demon Rider is what we ended up coming up with for that.”
World War Hulk

Kushala is interesting to me for several reasons.  She is an Apache, a sorcerer, a warrior, and a demon from the 19th century. The Spirit of Vengeance is a very Kushala
powerful character.

The only thing keeping it from doling out justice to wrong-doers left and right 24 hours a day is the human host.  The human part of the psyche keeps the unbridled vengeance from becoming an unstoppable force.

You saw this in the World War Hulk story-line the Johnny Blaze part of Ghost Rider forces it to travel to NYC to stop the Hulk from destroying all the super-heroes.  Doctor Strange tells Reed Richards that Ghost Rider’s power is boundless and he is almost godlike.

I also like Kushala because her origin is not from some large metropolitan city on either the East or West Coast.  Far too many of Marvel’s characters hail from the big cities.

It seems as though you can’t walk around the big cities in Marvel without bumping into either a super-hero or super-villain.  A little hint for all you super-villains, if you want to avoid being caught just commit all your crimes in rural America.  Your odds of success go up astronomically.

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Victor Urbina’s Minding your Business: How To Be Master Of Your Own Marvel Universe

A parallel universe. Existing in two places at once. Definitely something you would expect in a sci-fi or super hero movie, right?

Well, if you’ve seen the new Marvel movie Dr. Strange then you know he operates in “the multiverse.”

He’s able to be in multiple places at once. But did you know that a steamship was also able to do this at the turn of the 19th century?

Here’s the story…

Bending Space

On December 31, 1899 the SS Warrimoo was sailing from Vancouver, Canada to Australia. As the clock neared midnight they approached the international date line when the captain noticed a strange coincidence. He noticed that if he timed it right he would be able to be on two different hemispheres on two different days in two different centuries.

All at the same time! How?

By making a minor change in course the front part of his ship would cross into the new century while the back would stay in the old.

And that’s exactly what he did.

It may not be two parallel universes like Dr. Strange, but they were definitely at two different places at once. Wouldn’t you agree? So, I know what you’re asking right now.

What does this have to do with business, entrepreneurship or anything else? Well, allow me to tell you.

Bending Time

In Dr. Strange, Stephen Strange transforms from the egotistical, arrogant, megalomaniac surgeon to the egotistical, arrogant, megalomaniac Sorcerer Supreme who keeps order in the multiverse and guards the Time Infinity Stone.

What he has to do to stay on top of everything is like what you have to do to make sure your business runs smoothly. Namely, be everywhere!

That’s right. I know sometimes we wish we could clone ourselves so we could take care of everything. But did you know that this is already possible? You don’t even need to be Sorcerer Supreme to do it either. These super powers are called systemization, automation and the dreaded D-word… delegation.

Delegate To Be Like Dr. Strange

I know, I know. NO ONE can ever do it quite as good as you can. That’s the number one excuse I hear from entrepreneurs for not delegating. In some cases it’s true, no one can do it as well as you. In the majority of cases though, it gets done just as well, if not better, than you could’ve done.

So long as what you’re trying to delegate isn’t brain surgery, who cares how it gets done as long as it gets done. Good enough is good enough. Like I told a good friend of mine who wants to grow, “If you try and do it all yourself you’re going to stay small.”

Systems For Growth

My advice is to create a step-by- step “playbook” of everything you do that doesn’t need YOU to do it.

How do you figure out what should be in the “playbook”  How do you figure out what you should delegate? Great questions, here’s how.

An easy way to figure this out is with this exercise my friend Tommy Cano taught me. I embraced it from the minute I heard it and need to give him credit for it.

Start with a clean sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle from top to bottom. On the right side jot down everything you do that is DIRECTLY related to your role in the business. On the left side you jot down everything else you do.

listLet me give you a personal example.

To the left is my list of duties and responsibilities at my UPS stores. The right side has things like business growth and direction, marketing strategy and paying invoices. The left side has things like buy office supplies, go to the post office and deliver print orders.

Obviously, I shouldn’t be doing ANY of the things on the left side, but from time-to- time I still do.

The things on the right that you think I should delegate, like marketing and invoices let me tell you why I do them.

I do them because early on I learned from one of my mentors to never delegate the marketing or the checkbook.

I never questioned his advice because he’s been much more successful than I have. AND because the one time I did my stores suffered.


What you would do next is calculate your hourly pay rate. To do this divide your yearly salary by the 2080 work hours in a year. I know, entrepreneurs work MORE than just 2080 hours a year, but for this exercise use 2080.

Now that you have your hourly pay rate look at everything on the left side of your list and ask yourself two questions. Would I pay someone my hourly rate to do them? Could I hire someone for half or a third of what I make an hour to do them? The answer should be yes.

But don’t stop with the left side. Examine and question everything on the right side too? On the right side of my list I have networking as one of the things key to my position. But I think I could have my GM do this and do just as good a job as I can. As long as I have a “playbook” so he knows how to do it successfully.

It’s In The Book

These are the things that go in the “playbook.” It’s entire purpose is to free you to do the high-value activities in your business. To create systems so you can just plug people into your business where you need them.

As long as the people you’re bringing in can read and follow the “playbook” then you shouldn’t miss a beat. A hidden benefit of having systems and a “playbook” is that if you lose a key employee you won’t feel it as much. Why? Because you documented everything they do in the “playbook” and someone else can come in and follow it.

Rise Of The Robots

Automation isn’t just for robots on factory assembly lines or big businesses anymore. Automation is another tool your business should be using. Even though it sounds high-tech, it doesn’t have to be.

There’s little, easy things you can do to automate. Here’s a couple of examples.

Print forms you use repeatedly with the fields that never change already filled out. Or create a “tickler” to stay on top of leads, quotes or proposals. While’re on the topic of “tickler”  there’s a lot of great online automation tools that are a digital version of “tickler.”

Honestly, they do A LOT more than that.

For example, they automate the follow up process after you meet with a client or prospect. They keep track of all your contacts and when you last interacted with them. Some will even allow your clients and prospects to place orders and pay online. They make following up with leads and customers easy and…AUTOMATED.

The automation tool I use is Infusionsoft. It’s on the pricey side and has a steep learning curve. But there are other options out there to automate your business. If you’re interested in learning more about them do a Google or YouTube search and compare. Also feel free to email me if you have questions (

Automation goes hand-in- hand with systemization. Once you create the system you want your business to follow, you look for tasks you can automate. This and ONLY this will allow you to “clone” yourself so you can be your own Sorcerer Supreme.

No Fun

Start incorporating these ideas into your business. Not only will you “clone” yourself and be “multiple” places at once. But you’ll also stop being a “slave” to your business. You know what I mean when I say “slave” right?

You know you’re a”slave” to your business if you get an uneasy feeling every time you’re not there. You constantly check your phone for missed calls or new emails from work. Maybe you even call your business to make sure the phones are still working.

As if you expect the place to burn down without you.

If your family tells you you’re never “present” when you’re with them, then you’re a “slave” Period. Working 80-hour weeks is not something to be proud of.

Worst Boss In The WORLD

Didn’t you get into business so you could be free? To not have a boss? If you’re a “slave” then you have one of the most dysfunctional bosses you ever worked for…YOU! Worst part is you can’t fire him or even change jobs. You’re stuck! Wouldn’t it be smart to do things that will help you “break free?”

Embrace systemization, automation and delegation. You’ll start enjoying your business again. You’ll start enjoying your time AWAY from your business again. And you might make more money.

If you can do that then Dr. Strange and his multiverse will have nothing on you.

victorurbinaimagerightleanRemember, “Life is a series of missed opportunities so go for yours.”™

Author: Victor Urbina

To read Victor’s previous columns, click HERE.


Victor Urbina is an author and entrepreneur who helps businesses generate more new customers and make more sales.

Grab a free copy of his newest book “How To GET MORE New Customers, Clients And Patients With Direct Mail”  Leave your name and email address to get a free “readers only” competitive market analysis (a $300 value) of your business.


Talk Nerdy to Me: Doctor Strange Preview

A lot of popular comic book mystical characters run into difficulties on TV or the big screen. You could argue it is due to poor casting choices or weak scripts (Keanu Reeves as Constantine comes to mind).

We tend to believe the popularity of a character has more to do with how you relate to them. The more human and flawed a character seems, the easier it is to like that character. Watching or reading how a character deals with their inner demons and struggles with their conflicts add depth to a character. Doctor Strange has all of this to the nth degree.

Dr. Stephen Strange is a former neurosurgeon. He was a brilliant but egotistical surgeon concerned only with the wealth he earned from his career. A car accident shatters the bones in his hands. The damage effectively ends his ability to conduct surgery since his hands now tremble uncontrollably. Too proud to take on a teaching job, Strange desperately searches for a way to restore his hands. He consults doctors, homeopathic treatments, and travels around the world to remote regions for exotic cures.

Meeting the Ancient One

During his travels he encounters the Ancient One. He becomes a student the old Sorcerer Supreme. Doctor Strange becomes a practitioner of both the mystical arts as well as martial arts. He has a costume with two mystical objects. The Cloak of Levitation and Eye of Agamotto. These items give him added powers.

Doctor Strange is aided along the way by his friend and valet, Wong. He also has a large assortment of mystical objects. He takes up residence in a mansion called the Sanctum Sanctorum, located in Greenwich Village in New York City. Strange serves as the Sorcerer Supreme, the primary protector of Earth against magical and mystical threats.

The movie will be in theaters November 4, 2016. Benedict Cumberbatch is portraying Doctor Strange.

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