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Friday , October 19 2018
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Helen of Troy’s Revlon Iron Wins Ebony’s 2018 Beauty & Grooming Award

Helen of Troy’s Copper Smooth Flat Iron sold under the Revlon brand is among the best new hair products on the market today, according to Ebony magazine.

The women’s hair care product won the Best in Hair award for Best Flat Iron in Ebony’s 2018 Beauty & Grooming Awards.

“This is the first time Revlon has won this award – and such recognition in a publication that garners five million monthly media impressions is very significant,” said Karla Garcia, Director of Marketing for Helen of Troy’s brush, comb and accessories division.

“For these awards, the Ebony editors tested dozens of products that launched from June 2017 to March 2018 to find which ones were worthy enough to win. We’re grateful we were one of them.”

Garcia is one of nearly 400 people employed at Helen of Troy’s U.S. Headquarters in El Paso.

Via a news release, Helen of Troy officials added, “The award once again puts Helen of Troy on the map as one of the top producers of high quality consumer goods worldwide.”

In addition to Revlon, other well-known beauty brands in the El Paso company’s portfolio include Brut, Pert, Sure, Infusium 23 and Bed Head.