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Tuesday , March 26 2019
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TNTM: The Gifted on FOX TV based on Marvel Comics characters

It seems like every new TV show or movie is based on a comic book. They all want to capitalize on the popularity of the more recognizable and mainstream characters from the comics. The Gifted on Fox TV goes with a different approach.

**Warning, spoilers may follow**

The show starts out with the Strucker family. They seem like a typical American family. This is a world where the X-men and Brotherhood of Mutants are nowhere to be found. The government has a branch called Sentinel Services. The mission of this branch is to bring in mutants for registration. After they are registered they are detained, experimented on, or used for the good of the government.

Then you discover the father, Reed Strucker, is a district attorney working with the Sentinel Services. He knows how the mutants are treated but believes it is for the greater good. That is, until it is revealed his son and daughter are mutants. Reed knows what will happen to his kids if caught so he enlists the help of the very same Mutant Underground he has been hunting. He convinces them to take his children to safety. The first few episodes have covered their escape from the clutches of Sentinel Services.

None of the marquee Marvel characters are in this show. They may sprinkle some cameos in later, but for the most part it is all lesser known mutants. So far we have seen Shatter, Polaris, Blink, Sage, Pulse, Thunderbird, and Dreamer. Another character, Eclipse, was developed solely for the TV show.

I have really enjoyed The Gifted so far. I like to see the lower tier mutants get a little bit of the limelight. If the writers do a good job developing the characters and sharing their backstories, people will really connect with them and the show will be a hit. I”m hoping for many great seasons.

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TNTM: Get your artwork in Image Comics

Image’s Eclipse Unveils Art Contest

Image Comics/Top Cow is giving you the chance to see your artwork appear in an upcoming issue of Eclipse, the new sci-fi thriller from up-and-coming writer Zack Kaplan and artist Giovanni Timpano.

Participants may submit an original image inspired by the world of Eclipse. The lucky winning artist will have their artwork appear in the pages of Eclipse #4. One grand prize winner will receive the artwork featured and published in Issue #4, as well as receive a complete set of Eclipse #1-4 signed by writer Zack Kaplan and a $100 Amazon gift card.

EclipseOriginal art may include:

  • Your vision of characters from the story
  • A scene or environments from the world
  • New technology, architecture, clothing, or other adaptations designed to help people survive this harsh new world
  • Anything inspired by the world of Eclipse

Eclipse is my comic book debut and since Top Cow has always been a publisher that gives new talent a chance, I wanted to find a way to help give an aspiring artist an opportunity to be showcased,” said Kaplan. “I’m excited to see how Eclipse fans interpret this world and to discover one lucky fan’s vision that we can share with the world.”

For full details and contest rules, pick up Eclipse #1, on sale now, or visit to find out how to enter. The contest runs September 7 through November 15, 2016. The winner will be announced upon Eclipse #4’s release.

In the world of Eclipse, the sun is deadly and society has turned nocturnal. But life continues after The Flare.

Praise for Eclipse:

“Must Buy” —IGN

i09’s “The Awesome Comics You MUST Get This Fall”

Bleeding Cool’s “Top 5 Creator Owned Books That You MUST Pre-Order”

“A great book with a really original spin on traditional sci-fi.” —All-Comic (5/5 overall score)

“Kaplan’s story telling style is succinct and the art by Timpano has never been better.” —Word of the Nerd (10/10 overall score)

“This is a story that sees the world re-imagined but still manages to explore the human condition.” —GeekFeed (5/5 overall score)

“Extremely appealing to the eye.” —Bounding into Comics (10/10 overall score)

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