• May 9, 2021

Tags : education issues

Op-Ed: Charter School Funding – It is a Scam

It is not difficult to log onto any local political blog and read commenters complaining about how “their” tax dollars are being misspent. Typically, the complaints are accompanied by claims of corruption, mismanagement, evil doing and all sorts of back door, smoky room wheeling and dealing. It has to be true they might say, because […]Read More

Op-Ed: We are teaching kids for jobs that don’t even

“We are teaching kids for jobs that don’t even exist yet.” Most teachers have heard that phrase, or some variation of it, during a professional development somewhere along in their career journey. It became popular around 2007 along with a video by Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod called “Shift Happens” which successfully started many conversations […]Read More

Op-Ed: You Now Have No Excuse Not To Learn

Recently, a local opinion columnist wrote that he had “…no appetite for anything modern.” In 600 words he was able to castigate modern movies, sports, music, women who are “no longer coy,” the #takeaknee movement, and basically anything that has happened in the world after say, 1955 as being culturally irrelevant, vulgar, or corrupt. Beethoven: […]Read More