• April 11, 2021

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Jose Rico – Beyond the Barrio: Tweety Bird, Ofelia and

In the Southern California town of La Puente, my sister Gloria shared a home with her good friend Ofelia. One summer in July I visited my sister and upon arrival, I immediately noticed Ofelia’s collection of Tweety Bird figurines all over the kitchen and living room. Tiny plastic Tweetys, porcelain Tweetys…so many of them “decorated” […]Read More

Back to the Barrio: A Look Back at Life in

My parents grew up in the Juarez neighborhood known as La Chaveña. The youngest of five, I was the only one born on this side, in El Paso’s St Joseph Medical Clinic. My siblings all gave their first cries in our grandparents house on the street called La Cinco de Febrero. We made the move […]Read More

El Barrio Del Diablo: Fast Forward to the Music –

On Sunday August 10,1986, I experienced an incomparable performance by Stevie Ray Vaughan at the Paramount Theater in Seattle, taking it all in from the main floor’s fourth row. Bonnie Raitt opened the show with her charismatic stage presence, long red hair and a honed style of “guitar-girl slide blues”. Her set list was great […]Read More

El Barrio del Diablo: A Look Back at Life in

Our very humble meager lifestyle at the projects along Paisano Drive had us situated just across the street from the Dudley Field parking lot. The El Paso Sun Kings ballpark would light up the sky above the barrio at night. Little flying beetles we called “frijolitos” would buzz around the street lights as we sat […]Read More