• April 14, 2021

Tags : el paso brc

Op-Ed: I Am

I wrote this poem because this is how I see myself in the world. Too often people present those in the helping profession as if they are bestowing gifts and opportunity on people. I don’t see it that way. I see myself as a partner. I think seeing it any other way is prescribing to […]Read More

Op-Ed: Why I Love the BRC

I am a kid that goes to the Borderland Rainbow Center (BRC). The BRC is a place people can come when they are learning about who they are. First, I love the BRC because I get to talk to Dr. Brenda. She is the founder of the BRC, she always has great stories. My favorite […]Read More

Op-Ed: El Paso’s very own “Room of Requirement”

Over the last year I have been taking my students to the Borderland Rainbow Center and begun volunteering and sending consumers to get services from the BRC. I have learned to call the little house at the BRC home. As a queer Deaf woman I am welcomed with open arms. Understand I am extremely passionate […]Read More