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Annual Public Art Plan adopted by El Paso City Council

During Tuesday’s regular City Council meeting, members adopted the Museums and Cultural Affairs Department annual Public Art Plan for the City of El Paso.

“The success of public art has allowed the city to enhance local communities and neighborhoods through artwork that become landmarks and sources of pride,” said Quality of Life Deputy City Manager Tracey Jerome. “Local artists have also benefitted from the program by having their work selected or through participation in development programs that help them learn the skills they need to compete for public art projects.”

The annual plan presents an update on projects that have been completed as well as a breakdown of projects that are scheduled for the calendar year.

The City sets aside 2 percent from every Capital Improvement Project budget to fund the Public Art Program.

Since its beginnings in 2006, the City’s Public Art Program has completed 63 projects with another 24 in process. The program has worked with 168 artists of which 75 percent are local artists.

The public art program has impacted 105 local businesses through its projects.

Projects that are in progress include artwork at the Joey Barraza and Vino Memorial Park in Northeast El Paso and the new neighborhood waterparks in District 2 and District 7.

Officials addd that the City’s public art inventory will continue to grow as the projects from the 2012 Quality of Life Bonds are completed.

City Council Votes to Move Funds to Accelerate, Complete Promised Projects

On Monday, City Council approved a recommendation by the Capital Improvement Department to allow the reprogramming of remaining capital improvement funds to keep advancing planned improvements to parks, streets and public safety.

“Bottom line is we are being fiscally responsible,” Capital Improvement Department Director Sam Rodriguez said. “By actively managing the Capital Improvement Program we are able to identify savings and square project listings to ensure that we are maximizing our resources while rolling out public works projects in an efficient and expeditious manner.”

The reprogramming request presented to Council allows the department to fund the Edgemere and RC Poe roundabout project in far East El Paso completely, expedite $17.9 million in parks and library quality of life bond projects, meet funding needs of three neighborhood water parks, and renovate the Leo Cancellare pool in West El Paso.

The Edgemere and RC Poe roundabout is estimated to cost $2.4 million of which $1.5 million will come from the 2012 Streets Capital Improvement Plan.

The plan is on track to be completed by 2021 and calls for all remaining street reconstruction projects will start construction this year.

City officials say that the “advances the City has made over the past year in rolling out the bond program enables it to start the remaining park and library projects in 2020, some three years ahead of schedule.”

The City added the Leo Cancellare pool located adjacent to the Westside Natatorium to the capital project listing to extend the useful life of the pool built in the 1970s.

The renovation projected to cost approximately $2.8 million will allow the facility to better serve the community’s needs and serve as a critical companion to the Westside Natatorium 50-meter pool.

The neighborhood water parks began design in 2018 and their costs were adjusted during their design phase as a result of community input and other factors, such as increases to utility requirements.

The Leo Cancellare pool renovations and funding adjustments for the neighborhood water parks in Central, Northeast and Mission Valley are being met through the reallocation of City investment revenues, other project savings, and funding from the neighborhood water park in West El Paso.

The waterpark in West El Paso will remain programmed but unfunded until the City purchases land for the project.

The City has completed 90 bond projects approved by voters in 2012. Another 13 projects are under construction and 24 more are in design.

City Council Goes on the Road, Tuesday’s Meeting to be held in Northeast El Paso

To make it easier for the community to participate in municipal government, the next regular City Council meeting on January 22, will be held away from City Hall.

“We want to encourage civic participation, and this is a great opportunity for the residents of the northeast to attend a City Council meeting in their neighborhood,” said El Paso Mayor Dee Margo.

The council meeting will be held in Northeast El Paso at 4 p.m. at the El Paso County 911 District located at 6055 Threadgill Avenue.

City officials say the goal is to provide an opportunity for residents to have their voices heard and engage in municipal government.

Regular City Council meetings are normally held at 9 a.m. every other Tuesday at City Hall, in downtown at 300 North Campbell. Meeting agendas are available online under the “Meetings” tab at the city’s website.

Council meetings are open to the public and broadcast live on CITY TV (Channel 13. 4 – over the air, Channel 1300 – Spectrum, Channel 99 – AT&T U-verse) and online.

City Council Candidate Charged with Family Violence

A candidate for City Council District 5  was arrested on suspicion of family violence after a confrontation with his girlfriend while campaigning with their infant child in late August.

According to El Paso County Jail records, Kizito Ekechukwu was arrested by El Paso Police on Sunday, August 26 and posted a $2,500 bond the following day for an Assault/Family Violence charge.

The incident allegedly occurred after Ekechukwu and his girlfriend were passing out campaign flyers to residents of the Santa Teresa Nursing home located at 10350 Montana Avenue on August 26.

The couple, along with their 10-month old child, left the nursing home heading east on Montana when their baby allegedly began kicking campaign signs in the backseat of their car.

The victim told police that she asked Ekechukwu if he would move the signs since he was sitting in the back seat with the child. She told police Ekechukwu said “I’m not moving anything, you move it,” despite the fact that she was driving at the time. She allegedly told police that she reached around toward the back seat while driving in an attempt to move the sign and it landed near Ekechukwu’s feet.

The affidavit claims that Ekechukwu later reached forward and slapped her with an open hand while driving eastbound on Montana. She claims he called her a “stupid [expletive].”

Police were called when the alleged victim pulled the car over along Montana. She advised police that Ekechukwu asked her not to contact police, but she was “tired of being assaulted by Ekechukwu, who has assaulted her on previous occasions by has never called police to report the incidents.”

In an interview late Tuesday night with local political blogger Jaime Abeytia with the Lion Star Blog, Ekechukwu stated that he intended to continue his campaign to take over the seat of outgoing City Council Representative Dr. Michel Noe.

Ekechukwu is running in a crowded field of five candidates, including John B. Hogan, Benjamin Miranda, Jason Osborne, and Isabel Salcido to replace Noe, who has reached his term limit on Council.

Decision day for the large swath of East El Paso along with City Council elections for District 1, 6, and 8 will be held on General Election Day, November 6.

Council Approves Amendment to Water Conservation Ordinance

On Tuesday, El Paso City Council unanimously approved to amend the current Water Conservation Ordinance to improve water conservation at City Parks while maintaining healthy turf at city parks.

“These changes will increase efficiencies with irrigation and the maintenance of our parks that our community demands and deserves; while also being smarter on how we use and conserve our valuable commodity—water,” said Parks and Recreation Assistant Director Joel McKnight.

The amendment was part of a combined effort with El Paso Water Utilities, Parks and Recreation staff, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board members and key user groups who develop recommendations.

The amendments allow the Parks and Recreation Department to be separated into their own section of the code and no longer be restricted to just three days of watering, but still be restricted to watering from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Prior to the amendment, City parks were restricted to three days of watering from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. resulting in puddling, run off, interference with park maintenance and affecting organized and individual sports.

Via a news release, city officials added, “These changes align with Goal 4 of the Strategic Plan, which enhance El Paso’s Quality of Life through Recreational, Cultural and Educational Environments.”

City, Mountain Star Reach Agreement to Improve Westside Sports Complex, Southwest University Park

On Friday afternoon, city officials announced they had reached an agreement with MountainStar Sports Group (MSSG) to invest more than $2.5 million into the City-owned Southwest University Park and two fields at the Westside Sports Complex under two separate agreements to be considered by El Paso City Council.

The agreements will be reviewed at a public hearing on October 2, 2018.

“These proposed agreements are a great example of the public benefit of creative alliances,” Capital Improvement Department Director Sam Rodriguez said. “With the help of MountainStar Sports Group, we can make significant improvements to two city-owned facilities without asking taxpayers to cover the costs, and the investments support the City’s vision of providing our community with exceptional recreational opportunities.”

Under one proposal, MSSG will invest approximately $2 million into Southwest University Park to allow the City-owned Ballpark to host home games for the inaugural season of El Paso’s new United Soccer League (USL) team. This is in addition to more than $15 million already invested in the City-owned Ballpark by MSSG.

The second proposed agreement allows MSSG to use the Westside Sports Complex, located at 201 Isela Rubalcava Boulevard, as a temporary practice site for El Paso’s new professional soccer team.  MSSG will invest more than $500,000 to upgrade and renovate two of the complex’s fields to meet USL requirements.  MSSG will also maintain these fields to ensure professional field standards are continued.

If approved by Council, both agreements would be in place until the USL team’s permanent soccer-specific stadium and training and practice fields are built. USL is the highest level of professional soccer in the U.S. next to Major League Soccer (MLS).

“We are excited to expose the youth soccer community to professional training operations, as well as El Paso USL team coaches and players, at the Westside Sports Complex.  We look forward to working with the City of El Paso Parks and Recreation Department,” said Alan Ledford, President of MountainStar Sports Group.  “Our investment in the practice facility will result in a long-term benefit for youth soccer programming.”

The proposed terms for the ballpark are in the form of an amendment to the existing lease for the venue.

The proposal for the Westside Sports Complex grants the USL team preferential access to two out of the 13 fields at the complex and to an adjacent parking area, which is currently restricted to Parks and Recreation Department employees.

The improvements would be completed in time for the team’s inaugural training camp starting in January 2019.

Under the proposal, the two fields could be available for youth soccer programming when not in use by the professional club or undergoing maintenance and recovery.  Events could include championship games for local youth soccer leagues and tournaments, as well as coach and player clinics conducted by the USL Club.

“The addition of high-quality soccer facilities at the Westside Sports Complex will have such a positive impact not only for local, but regional, soccer. Having opportunities to watch the professional team practice, attend coach development clinics, and host special events, such as championship tournament games, will be wonderful for the youth soccer community,” said Teresa Sosa, Director of Cobras Soccer Events.

“El Paso USL’s training fields at the Westside Soccer Complex will benefit many groups, including UTEP Soccer.  We could potentially play a spring game there or host other events such as clinics,” said Kevin Cross, Head Coach of UTEP’s Women’s Soccer Team.  “What a thrill for our youth soccer leagues of El Paso to get to watch the professionals train.”

“Our organization looks forward to playing adjacent to El Paso USL at the Westside Sports Complex.  Our growing soccer community will surely benefit from the planned additions and improvements to the fields,” FC Dallas-West Soccer Club Director Miguel Murillo commented.  “Plus, the kids will get to see their sports heroes hard at work, which is definitely an inspiration.”

City Council Approves FY 2019 Budget

On Tuesday, the City Council unanimously approved a $989.3 million budget for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 budget.

“The approved budget reflects continued efforts in balancing the present and future needs of the City,” said Mayor Dee Margo. “With the Council’s and city staff’s assistance, we will continue to provide for the level of services for public safety and streets that we have come to enjoy in our City while always respecting the taxpayer.”

The new budget is an increase of 3.99 cents per $100 property valuation, or $37.91 per year on a $100,000 home.

“This budget continues our efforts to offer a sustainable, balanced budget that effectively responds to needs of the City and commits resources to help us focus on streets, public safety, and quality of life in El Paso,” said City Manager Tommy Gonzalez. “It meets the needs of the growing city and further aligns our services with the priorities and expectations of City Council and the community.”

According to a news release from the city, the new budget continues to provide property tax relief for over 47,700 homes with Senior/Disabled exemptions. The annual savings is approximately $379 if you receive the general homestead and the over 65/disabled exemptions.

Included in the news release was a breakdown of specific areas that city officials say the increased tax revenue would be applied.


  • $7 million increase for 50 residential street maintenance projects
  • ADA on-demand request funding at $500,000 annually
  • More efficient pothole patching – 45,000 potholes per year

Public Safety

  • Pay raises for police officers and firefighters
  • Net increase of 87 new officers over the last three years (On October 1,, will be at the same level as 2010)
  • Implementation of the Crisis Intervention Team to assist with mental illness responses
  • Police, Fire, and 911 Communicator academies
  • Replacement of Fire Station #12
  • 150 new police vehicles on the street by August 2019; 150 by August 2019
  • 3 new firetrucks and 2 new ambulances


Quality of Life Projects

  • Park maintenance costs
  • Turf renovation program
  • Recent grand openings
  • Eastside sports complex
  • Asia Gateway and Endangered Species Carousel at the Zoo
  • Upcoming projects
    • Groundbreaking for Eastside Regional Park on August 23 – includes natatorium, diving well, recreation pool, and community center
    • 3 new recreation centers
    • Chihuahuan Desert at the Zoo

City Council to Seek Alternate Site for the Mexican American Cultural Center

On Tuesday, El Paso City Council voted to look at alternative ways to deliver the voter-approved Mexican American Cultural Center (MACC).

Council reached this decision after the City and Mexican American Cultural Institute (MACI) were unable to come to an agreement on the terms of the memorandum of understanding proposed by MACI.

As part of its vote, Council directed City staff to pursue alternate site locations for the Mexican American Cultural Center and to develop it using the budget approved by voters.

According to a Tuesday news release, “The City looks forward to working with all community partners including MACI to realize this project…the City remains committed to delivering a world-class cultural center as approved by voters and complemented by existing cultural assets within the City’s portfolio that includes the El Paso Museum of Art, the El Paso Museum of History and the El Paso Museum of Archaeology.”

The MACC was approved by voters in 2012 as one of the signature projects included in the Quality of Life Bonds with an original project budget of $5.7 million.

In August 2015, the 18 member Mexican American Cultural Center Subcommittee recommended the MACC be located at the Abraham Chavez Theatre despite the significant escalation of costs as presented by City staff.

In January of 2016, Council accepted the subcommittee’s recommendation to locate the cultural center at the Abraham Chavez Theatre with an estimated cost of $35.7 million. MACI, whose members comprised nine of the 18 members of the original subcommittee, was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit in summer of 2016 with the goal of becoming the City’s partner in managing the cultural center and raising $20 million towards capital costs.

Since mid-2016, MACI has been formally incorporated with the ability to raise funds. Prior to that MACI was able to raise funds through non-profit fiscal sponsor Fiesta de las Flores. However, since their incorporation, MACI has not made significant progress in fundraising necessary for the escalated project costs if the Abraham Chavez Theatre was the site.

Cities including San Antonio and City El Paso have seen successful campaigns through partnerships without a formal memorandum of understanding.

Examples include:

  • 1991, San Antonio Public Library Foundation, an independent 501(c)(3), began a fundraising campaign to assist the City of San Antonio in the construction of a new Central Library. Bond set aside approximately $75 million for the library construction
    • Library Foundation was tasked with the job of raising an additional $32 million for furniture, fixtures, equipment technology, renovation of a City-owned parking garage and other amenities. The goal was met and surpassed.
  • 2010, San Antonio River Foundation, an independent non-profit organization, began capital campaign to improve urban reach of San Antonio River
    • City project, funded through bonds and Hotel Occupancy Tax funds, for construction
    • Foundation, capital campaign raised $30 million, for art, the Dam, landscaping and other upgrades
  • 2013, San Antonio Botanical Garden, granted $2.6 million bond funding, land and facilities owned by City
    • Botanical Society runs the Garden
    • Currently in $15 million capital campaign to support site improvements

El Paso examples:

  • Chalk the Block private sector committee has raised more than $800,000 in support of program over the 10 year history of the festival without a memorandum of understanding in place
  • El Paso Children’s Museum Foundation, raised more than $1 million before a formal memorandum of understanding was executed with the City

City Approves Agreement that will Help Revitalize Historic Paso del Norte Hotel

The revitalization efforts in downtown continue as the El Paso City Council today approved an incentive agreement that will revitalize one of downtown’s most significant historic structures, the Hotel Paso del Norte (formerly known as the Camino Real).

The development was made possible by the City’s effort to work with our state delegation to obtain legislation that created state tax rebate worth $24.3 million.

Camino Real (lf) Paso del Norte ca 1970 (rt)
Camino Real (lf) Paso del Norte ca 1970 (rt)

The building, which sits at 101 S. El Paso Street will now undergo a renovation that will transform the space into a 4-star convention center hotel that will provide 300 guestrooms, a full service restaurant, function/meeting space, spa, fitness center, swimming pool, business center, airport shuttle, and upscale interior finishes.

The $70 million private investment from Meyers Group Acquisitions, LLC will qualify the property owners for an incentive package of more than $32 million:

  • State incentive of $24,364,727
  • $3,045,590.88 per year for a period up to 8 years
  • City to provide a maximum of $6,000,000 in redevelopment grants
  • Payments to occur at 50%, 75% and 100% construction completion
  • 100% Rebate or abatement of incremental Real/Personal Property
  • Incentive period limited to 8 years
  • Not to exceed $2,240,322.00
  • City to waive all building and development permit/inspection fees

Check out the previous stories below:

Meyers Group Closes on Purchase for Historic Camino Real Hotel; Renovations to take 18 Months, Will Reopen as Hotel Paso del Norte

Gallery+Story: Renderings for Restored Hotel Paso del Norte Revealed

City Council Discuss Strategic Plan Accomplishments, Approve Additions to Enhance Plan

On Thursday, the Mayor and City Council gathered for a strategic planning session where they reviewed the accomplishments of the 2015 Strategic Plan and approved the addition of the “20 in 2020” visionary initiatives.

City Council also made adjustments to the strategic plan by incorporating the Resiliency Plan.

The Resiliency Plan is the result of a three-year effort in which the City of El Paso partnered with the Rockefeller Foundation’s 100 Resilient Cities Network to identify how El Paso can be better prepared to survive, adapt, and thrive no matter the chronic shocks or stresses.

Under strategy 1.6 City Council voted to amend a resiliency strategy to include the creative economy.

Other adjustments were also made to specific strategies of the Strategic Plan which include:

2.4 Improve motorist safety and enhance traffic management plan

5.6 Strengthen messaging opportunities through media outlets and proactive community outreach

The strategic planning session also allowed City Council to list additional items for staff to review.  These items will be brought back at a later date for City Council action.

These additions include:

  • Expand holiday attractions at Shawver Park and other areas of the city
  • Enhance bike plan connections with neighborhoods, consider using utility easements, trails and existing levees (i.e., Paisano Drive from Doniphan to Downtown)
  • Creation of a residential rehab incentive policy
  • Mixed-use development along construction projects (supporting walkable neighborhoods)
  • Engage retailers like Trader Joes and REI that attract millennials and “expats”
  • Mission Trail development
  • Funding update on Sun City Lights entryways and the master plan
  • Expand EP Streetcar and BRIO operational hours; augment fees for first six months of streetcar operations
  • Creation of International Relations/Affairs Department (or position)
  • Zaragoza International Bridge (Ysleta Port of Entry) entryway

o   to include allocation of revenues for capital improvements

  • Contracted employees; livable wages review

Full report: 20in2020

Busy Tuesday as City Council Approves Several Key Contracts, Parking Changes for San Jacinto Plaza

From tax incentives for a new downtown hotel, to park construction and parking, members of the El Paso City Council have a very busy Tuesday.

First, City Council members approved a Chapter 380 Economic Incentive Agreement with Hotel Sancho Panza LLC for the development of a downtown Marriott Courtyard Urban hotel.

The multi-million dollar development will add more than 140 hotel rooms near the El Paso Convention Center, strengthening El Paso’s competitiveness as a convention destination.

Per the agreement, Hotel Sancho Panza LLC is expected to invest a minimum of $8 million in developing the 10-story hotel. The developer will receive a 100% real and personal property tax rebate not to exceed $844,089.

Also, the City will waive all building and development permit/inspection fees related to the project.

In addition to the City’s incentives, the terms of the Chapter 380 Economic Incentive Agreement will allow Hotel Sancho Panza LLC to apply for the State of Texas Convention Center Hotel Occupancy Tax Rebate Program. The estimated incentives under this program are $4,386,331.

Council also took new action on the long-awaited Eastside Sports Complex.

Members approved a design-build contract amendment establishing the Guaranteed Maximum Price of approximately $8.6 million for the development of the first phase of an 80-acre facility known as the Eastside Sports Complex.

The first phase of development of the complex located in far east El Paso near the intersection of Montwood and John Hayes will focus on the development 42.2 acres of land, which will include the following services and amenities:

  • 7 sodded irrigated competition flat fields, and 1 championship style field
  • Shaded seating to accommodate 500 spectators
  • Fencing to maintain control access
  • A new hike and bike trail will be constructed along the perimeter of the park

The complex will also include new ADA compliant restrooms, parking, and sidewalks, as well as a sheltered area with picnic tables and benches, which will allow food trucks to serve visitors and spectators during competitions or events.  As part of the project a new storage and maintenance facility will also be constructed in order to allow for the park’s upkeep.

Earlier this year, Council awarded a “Design Build” contract for the Eastside Sports Complex to Jordan Foster Construction and MNK Architects.  Design Build, groups the design and construction companies for the project into one contract, which allows the City to better coordinate the entire project from start to finish.

With Tuesday’s action, the design build team will soon be able to begin the construction of the first phase of the complex, which will occur once all the contractual documents are finalized.  The remaining phase of the complex will be developed at a future date if funding becomes available.

During the same session, council awarded a contract valued at approximately $250,000 for program management services of the Northgate Transfer Center to ECM International Inc. of El Paso.

ECM International will work with the City’s Capital Improvement Department and Sun Metro to provide program management services to facilitate the construction of the $10.6 million transfer center and its parking garage, primarily funded by a TIGER grant from the Department of Transportation.

Services will include enforcement of construction schedules, project scope, project budget and quality of work.

The Northgate Transfer Center to be housed on a portion of a 30-acre site located near Dyer Street and Diana Drive is the City of El Paso’s component of a unique transit-oriented development.

The transfer center will anchor a public-private development known as Metro 31, which is a mixed-use development that will integrate the new transfer center and its Dyer Brio rapid transit corridor station with residential, retail and commercial office spaces. The city broke ground on the transfer center and parking garage in August.

The transfer center is being constructed by Dantex Construction, Inc. of El Paso and was designed by EXIGO of El Paso assisted by RNL of Denver, Colorado.

The project was designed as a LEED silver project, and includes the following passenger amenities:  a fully developed bus circulation area, including berths for the Brio, regional, and local buses to facilitate smooth transitions between bus routes; bus transfer areas with canopies; a park and ride garage which includes 17,000 square feet of retail space; enclosed waiting, information and ticketing areas; electronic on-street message boards; bike racks; Wi-Fi; and a landscaped public plaza.

Also in Northeast El Paso,  Council awarded an $182,000 contract for the construction of Futureland Park in Northeast to the Martinez Brothers Contractors of El Paso.

The half-acre park will be located on O’Donnell Street on a parcel of land just north of the intersection of O’Donnell and Dyer Street. The land was donated to the City of El Paso by Jobe Materials Construction and the project should be completed in Spring 2017.

The park’s total budget is $450,000 and covers expenses related to the development of the project including construction, design, and play equipment.

Amenities for the park will include a playground with lighted canopy structure, half-basketball court, landscape, picnic tables with lighted shade canopy structure, and bicycle racks.

In other park-related decisions, Council ratified an amendment to Title 12 of the City Code, which prohibits parking around San Jacinto Plaza. The change will allow the Streets and Maintenance Department to mark the no parking zone around the plaza by painting the curb instead using poles and signs to restrict parking.

The amendment approved by council also allows for the language restricting parking around the plaza to be modified from “no stopping or standing – tow-away zone” to “parking prohibited at all times.”

The changes were necessary to deter vehicles from parking in the travel lanes adjacent the plaza, which is traffic safety hazard. Parking in the travel lanes adjacent to the plaza has also contributed to landscaping damage because people step on the vegetation when they exit the vehicles.

“Parking restrictions around San Jacinto Plaza are not new. What we are doing is amending the ordinance to allow us to mark the curb with the parking restrictions so that we can minimize sign clutter at the newly renovated plaza,” Streets and Maintenance Department Director Ted Marquez said. “Sufficient parking exists and will remain by San Jacinto. They include metered parking spaces across the street from the park, as well as, nearby garages and parking lots.”

The curb surrounding San Jacinto Plaza will be painted yellow to remind motorists that parking is not allowed adjacent to the park.

Council Approves Construction Method for Lionel Forti, Chelsea Aquatics Facilities; Awards Construction Contract for Westside Natatorium

On Tuesday, El Paso City Council took the first step towards the development of the Lionel Forti and Chelsea Aquatic Centers by authorizing the use of the “Design Build” delivery method for these quality of life projects.

This delivery method groups the design firm and construction contractor into one contract, which allows the City to better coordinate the entire project from start to finish, and reduce the amount of risk associated with designing and constructing these facilities.

The design-build method incorporates the use of a “Guaranteed Maximum Price,” which is an agreement between the City and the design build team which declares that the design and construction of a project will not cost the City above an agreed upon amount, unless changes are made to design or new services are requested and incorporated into the construction of the project.

The Chelsea and Lionel Forti Aquatic Facilities each have an approximate budget of $4 million for their design and construction. The Chelsea budget also covers land acquisition.

The Chelsea Aquatic Center will be located at 900 Radford Street, while the Lionel Forti facility will be located 1225 Giles Road. Both facilities will be housed in a 5,000 to 6,000 square foot facility that will include:

  • Zero depth entry water play area and water spray ground
  • Water slides
  • Lap pool with climbing wall
  • Toddler splash area
  • Cabanas that can be reserved
  • Outdoor grill and concessions
  • Bathhouse
  • ADA compliant parking areas,

Both aquatic facilities are funded by the 2012 Quality of Life Bonds, and are part of the City of El Paso’s commitment to enhancing the quality of life for business, residents and visitors through the creation of recreational, cultural and educational environments.

To view the City’s 2015 Aquatics Plan, Click HERE

Also during Tuesday’s session, City Council approved a $12.4 million construction contract for the Westside Pool – Natatorium featuring the City of El Paso’s first Olympic-size swimming pool.

“This is great news for our community. It’s very exciting to be part of a visionary organization committed to expanding recreational opportunities in this region. El Paso deserves top-notch facilities and this quality of life aquatics project delivers on our commitment to expand recreational programming for our youth and all our citizens,” Monica Lombraña, interim Director of the City’s Capital Improvement Department, said.

The project will be constructed at 650 Wallenberg Drive by Arrow Building Corp. Its Olympic-size pool will be housed inside a 35,980-square foot facility and includes the following amenities:

  • One (1) movable pool bulkhead (a movable race starting platform, allowing for a 50-meter pool to be converted to a 25-meter pool for youth competitions)
  • Eight (8) long lanes (50 meter) and 24 short lanes (25 meter)
  • Scoreboards
  • Wi-Fi
  • Seating for approximately 780 spectators
  • Additional occupancy for up to 224 competitors through the use of moveable bleachers
  • A total of 250 parking spaces
  • Water efficiency plumbing
  • Designed to meet USA Swimming standards and requirements

The project will be constructed near the existing Leo Cancellare Pool. City of El Paso’s Capital Improvement Department along with the Department of Parks and Recreation will host a preconstruction community meeting at 5:30 p.m. on August 31, 2016 at the Galatzan Recreation Center, 650 Wallenberg, to present to the public with the construction schedule, and the plans for the continuity of operations of the Leo Cancellare Pool during construction.

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