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Saturday , November 17 2018
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U.S. Air Force, El Paso Electric Launch New Solar Facility at Holloman AFB

U.S. Air Force officials, alongside El Paso Electric (EPE) representatives, officially celebrated the completion and commercial operation of the Holloman Atlas Solar Array at a ribbon cutting ceremony held Friday.

“The completion of the Holloman Atlas Solar Array marks a milestone in our renewable energy goals and embodies our mission to provide safe, clean, and sustainable sources of energy,” said Mary Kipp, El Paso Electric President and CEO. “Today, we want to celebrate our inaugural collaboration with the U.S. Air Force and look forward to continue serving our community through these kinds of partnerships.”

The EPE-owned and operated solar facility, its first built to serve a U.S. military installation, spans 42-acres and is dedicated to serve the Holloman Air Force Base electric load in Otero County, New Mexico.

“From the beginning, we were confident in this new cooperation with El Paso Electric as we all came together to bring this project to fruition. The addition of this clean energy resource will enhance our resiliency and ability to better equip our installation while at the same time saving on tax payer costs. In addition to enhancing our installation, we are reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. By decreasing this dependence, we are strengthening and increasing our national security.” said Lt. Col. Joel Purcell, 49th Wing Civil Engineer Squadron, Commander.

Holloman Air Force Base and EPE entered into an agreement for the development of the solar facility in 2016 and began construction in 2017. In attendance at the ribbon cutting ceremony were leadership representatives from Holloman Air Force Base and El Paso Electric to help celebrate the launch of this enhanced relationship.

EPE’s newest solar facility is made up of almost 56,000 thin-film modules that will generate enough electricity to power more than 1,700 homes annually. This will prevent annual CO2 emissions by over 9,000 U.S. tons, the equivalent of removing 2,000 cars from the road, and will also save approximately nine million gallons of water.

Exyte Energy, Inc., the engineering company who also constructed EPE’s community solar facility in East El Paso, completed Holloman Atlas Solar Array and created over 90 jobs through the duration of the development.

“The Holloman Atlas Solar Array is a landmark project for us as we were once again able to work with EPE to build its first facility to serve a military installation, as well as expand its clean energy footprint for the region,” said Jim Brown, Exyte Energy, Inc. President.

The addition of the Holloman Atlas Solar Array will increase EPE’s total renewable energy portfolio to a total of 115 MWs.

New Franchise Fee for Electric Bills Starts October 2018

In March of 2018, the City of El Paso and El Paso Electric (EPE), came to an agreement to increase the City of El Paso franchise fee to electric bills for residents and businesses within El Paso city limits.

The one percent increase will begin October 1, 2018, and will be reflected on bills as a separate line item.

El Paso Electric (EPE) officials say “a federal tax rate reduction and a decrease in fuel costs, will offset the increase.”

Via a news release, officials added:

In April of 2018, EPE began providing a credit to customers due to the federal tax rate reduction passed in December of 2017. As a result, a typical residential customer in Texas using an average of 635 kilowatt hours of energy per month began to see an average monthly bill decrease of $3.83, or 4.5%. Additionally, EPE filed to reduce the Texas Fuel Factor charge by approximately 29.1%, a decrease reflected in customer bills since May 2018.

The City of El Paso franchise agreement was last changed in 2010. The agreement specified that EPE would pay to the City of El Paso, on a quarterly basis, a fee of 4% of the gross revenues EPE receives from its customers within the city limits.

“EPE operates under franchise agreements with several cities in its service area that enable the utility to use public rights-of-way necessary to serve its customers…these agreements provide EPE access to the electric infrastructure in city alleyways and street corridors, which provide and maintain service to customers,” company officials said.

El Paso Electric Begins Appliance Recycling Program in Texas

Officials with El Paso Electric (EPE) announced on Thursday their partnership with ARCA Recycling, Inc. (ARCA) to begin its Appliance Recycling Program for residential customers in Texas.

To participate in the Program, customers contact ARCA to schedule pick-ups of their old refrigerators or freezers at no charge and EPE will provide a $50 rebate check per qualifying appliance.

EPE officials say, “The Appliance Recycling Program encourages customers to properly dispose of their older refrigerators or freezers, which allows the components of these appliances to be recycled and converted into other products.”

“For example, approximately 140 lbs. of metal are recovered per recycled refrigerator, and the metal can be used in new projects, such as making parts for automobiles,” officials added, “Using scrap metal in the production of iron and steel reduces CO2 emissions by 58%. About 95% of the material in refrigerators and freezers that ARCA processes, including metal, glass, plastic, are recycled, or, in the case of hazardous waste, disposed of safely.”

To participate, customers must be an EPE Texas residential customer, the refrigerators and freezers must be regular household size and in working order, empty, clean and plugged in at the time of pickup.

The program is limited to two units per household per program year.

Residents wishing to schedule a pick-up can go online or call ARCA at 1-888-409-8567. For additional questions, customers can call EPE’s Energy Efficiency Hotline at (915) 521-4488.