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Monday , November 12 2018
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Mike Zuloaga snags Speedway Park’s Legends Class Championship

The final race of the season for Legend car racing in 2015 at El Paso Speedway saw Steven “Scuba” Arellano and Mike Zuloaga neck and neck for the championship.  Zuloaga led Scuba by 14 points as they entered the night, but in dirt track racing that is not a big lead.

The Ak-47 of Jesse Esquivel lead the first few laps, however back in second the championship battle was on.  As the race crossed lap 4, Arellano moved to the lead around Esquivel after he disposed of Zuloaga prior.

Halfway through the final feature and the top 3 drivers have checked out from the field with Arellano out front.  Zuloaga took over the second position from Esquivel with five laps to go and began to chase down the leader and his championship rival.

Steven Arellano held on and took home the checkered flag and claimed the war, but it was “The Nice Guy” Mike Zuloaga who took home the title of 2015 track champion in the Casa Nissan Legend division.


  1. Steven Arellano (#237)
  2. Mike Zuloaga (#902)
  3. Jesse Esquivel (#AK47)
  4. Brady Labree (#77)
  5. Gunner Harris (#54)
  6. Rick Fitzwater (#46)
  7. Robert Sheppard (#72)
  8. Jr Esquivel (#85)
  9. Lucas Ward (#11)