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Tuesday , October 16 2018
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Video+Story – City: Crews Repaving Streets at an ‘Unprecedented Rate’

According to officials with the City of El Paso, crews are repaving streets at an unprecedented rate thanks to historic investments in street repairs and a new approach for awarding contracts for resurfacing projects.

A total of 161 streets have been resurfaced since 2013 and another 101 streets will be resurfaced by the end of 2018. A total of 54, including 13 that have been completed, are to be repaved in 2017 and 60 more in 2018.

This road maintenance treatment provides streets with another 25 years of useful life.

The City’s Street Resurfacing Program recently changed the way it bids out contracts for street resurfacing projects. Contracts are now issued for two years instead of one to allow the City to repave more streets and spend less time on the bidding process to contract out the work.

The Street Resurfacing Program will be 67 percent completed following the completion of 101 streets in the current two-year contract. The total funding amount for the 2012 Street Resurfacing Program is $48 million dollars.

Year            Streets Paved (Committed)              Cost

2013                                 34                                    $3,267,001

2014                                 63                                    $7,766,732

2015/16                            51                                    $5,140,203

2017/18                            13 (101)                           $16,155,560

City: Pothole Repairs Increase; 15,600 More than 2016

According to the City of El Paso, crews are filling more potholes than ever before thanks to a new process that streamlined operations by embracing Lean Six Sigma (LSS) principles.

On average, about 500 potholes are being repaired per week by Street and Maintenance crews, which is 300 more repairs per week than in 2015. This results in approximately 15,600 more potholes fixed per year.

Prior to implementing LSS principles pothole repair crews conducted repairs based on public service requests.

Now, crews are assigned to smaller geographic areas and repairs are scheduled based on a geographic focus. These changes have reduced the time workers spend driving to their next repair and has improved time management, efficiency, and increased the number of potholes repaired.

“By overhauling the process for pothole repairs, we are using our resources more efficiently to keep our streets safe for everyone – pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists,” said Ted Marquez, the city’s Interim Managing Director for Streets and Maintenance and Parks.

The department has a total of 11 pothole patching trucks. Three of the vehicles are new. These replacement trucks arrived in late October 2016 and have enabled the department to spend more time fixing streets and less time on vehicle repairs that come with an aging fleet.

The City has received 3,587 pothole service requests as of mid-June 2017. On average, service requests are closed out within two weeks.

To report a pothole online, click HERE or call 3-1-1.

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