• December 2, 2020

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Video – Only in El Paso / Season 5: Comedy

In this week’s episode of Only in El Paso, hear several local comedians talk about their trials and tribulations. Through all the cheers and jeers, open mics, and headliner shows, these comics stick it out for their passion. It’s a familiar story for any aspiring artist or veteran. Directed by Cassius Casillas *** Only in El […]Read More

Video – Only in El Paso / Season 5: Drainage:

“This is what El Paso was to me, and to many others. I know, it’s generational, yet the same dry-throat rebellion is what we’re all familiar with in our own way. This is an essay, a collection of a side of El Paso that is only known by the kids who live it.” Isaac Marquez  […]Read More

Video+Info: Trump declares national emergency to build border wall

President Donald Trump made the national emergency announcement from the Rose Garden of the White House on Friday. Watch the president’s remarks in the player above, video stream courtesy PBS News Hour. To read about the announcement, click here; to read about the lawsuit opposing the declaration, click here. To read the actual “Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2019” […]Read More

Women’s March Take to the Streets Saturday; Rep. Escobar Featured

Women’s March El Paso will be hosting a march and gathering in the heart of Downtown El Paso, capped off by a keynote speech by newly-elected Congresswoman Veronica Escobar. “I am a proud third generation fronteriza and represent a community that is tired of being portrayed in a way that is not factually accurate,” Escobar said. “It […]Read More

El Paso Housing Market Recognized as “One of the Most

On Wednesday, officials with the City of El Paso announced that the city has received national attention for its affordable housing market by two national organizations: Realtor.com and MSNBC. “The recognition of our strong and affordable housing market shows the economic growth of our city and how El Paso continues to move forward as an […]Read More

New ‘All-America City’ Signs to Welcome Drivers to El Paso

New signs at the five entrances into El Paso will showcase the community as one of the great cities in America. “To maximize our visibility and promote our achievements we are replacing old signs by the highways with new ones highlighting our status as an All-America City. This effort should entice travelers to take a […]Read More

Audio: Testify Sidebar – Child Crisis Center of El Paso

In light of their latest episode, Deserted, Charlie and Andra sought out advice from the Child Crisis Center of El Paso. Executive Director Lorraine Gomez shared her insightful thoughts into the needs of the El Paso community when it comes to caring for children who are at risk for neglect or abuse. The center has […]Read More