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Monday , August 10 2020
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Emergence to host live ‘A Day of Hope and Healing’ for El Paso on August 3rd

On Monday, August 3, the one year anniversary of the Walmart massacre, Emergence Health Network is hosting “A Day of Hope and Healing” Facebook Live event.

Because of the events of August 3rd and the aftermath, Emergence Health Network and its mental health professionals are reaching out to borderland residents to help them understand trauma and healing.

“The events on August 3rd changed our community forever and as we mark the one-year anniversary of that unfortunate time we want to make sure our community is prepared for the emotions that often come with such a day,” said Kristi Daugherty, Emergence Health Network Chief Executive Officer.

“It’s been a year since that senseless violence shocked our city, but the healing process for such a traumatic event takes time.”

The unique event will feature several sessions – in English and Spanish – throughout the day.

 “It’s a day-long series of meaningful discussions hosted by our mental health professionals.  The goal is to help our residents continue to heal by learning more about the challenging feelings they might experience and learn useful tools to cope with those emotions on this anniversary,” added Daugherty.

A Day of Hope and Healing Facebook Live

Video+Story: Emergence Health Network Offers help for Suicide Prevention

With the recent spate of suicides in the Borderland, Emergence Health Network reminds area residents of the many prevention and treatment tools available for those in crisis, including their Mental Health App.

Officials with EHN say mental health crisis are more common than most would say, sharing the following facts:

 An estimated one in four adults suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder in a given year

 Approximately 1 in 5 youth ages 13-18 experiences a severe mental crisis in their lifetime

 90% of people who die by suicide are also believed to have had a mental health disorder

The numbers are staggering, yet only a small percentage of individuals dealing with a crisis will seek help.

“This needs to change and that is why Emergence Health Network wants the community to know, help is available. For instance: EHN operates the crisis hotline where trained mental health professionals are available 24/7 to talk to individuals having a hard time coping with a situation. We also launched a mobile application,” said Kristi Daugherty, CEO Emergence Health Network.

“El Paso residents can enter their zip code and within seconds they will have access to mental health community resources and if someone they know is going through a mental health crisis they can get help by a touch of a single button. It is technology at its best and it could save lives.”

Emergence Health Network Crisis and Emergency Services

Local Crisis Hotline Number 915-779- 1800  | Toll Free: 1-877- 562-6467

 EHN Crisis Hotline Specialists are qualified Mental Health Professionals and have, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree in the health and social services field.  Supervisors are available 24/7 for additional support as needed. Crisis Hotline Specialists are available to the public, 24/7/365.

 Crisis Hotline Specialists initially provide verbal crisis resolution when they receive a call. Crisis Specialists are trained through their education and trainings to assist in verbal de-escalation and link them to local mental health resources such as Emergence Health Network’s Crisis Intake Unit and Extended Observation Unit or can contact authorities if needed.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800- 273-8255 (TALK)

 EHN is contracted with National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to take calls in the north to northwestern part of Texas. We also constitute as a roll over center for areas such as Austin and Dallas when their call volume reaches capacity and a crisis operator is not available to answer from the initial designated call center for that area. It is separated by area code, so we receive many of the rural calls to the Lifeline.

EHN Extended Observation Unit

1600 E. Yandell St. Ste. B

24 hour, 7 day a week Crisis Intake Unit

11-bed facility

Up to 48 hours of observation and stabilization from trained mental health professionals

EHN Crisis and Emergency Services

1600 Montana Ave. 1 st floor – Monday – Friday 8 am – 5pm

Crisis Intake and Assessments

Free and Confidential Mental Health Screenings

Referral to services

Mental Health First Aid Training (MHFA) offered by EHN

MHFA training is FREE and teaches individuals to identify and respond to a person who is experiencing a mental health crisis. They learn how to help stabilize a person in crisis until they can connect them with the appropriate clinical training. Think of it as being trained in CPR, to help a person having a heart attack – until paramedics can arrive.

Mental Health and You Mobile App

El Paso residents can enter their zip code and within seconds have access to mental health community resources and if someone they know is going through a mental health crisis they can get help by a touch of a single button. It is technology at its best and it could save lives.

Warning Signs:

-Inability to cope with daily tasks

-Rapid mood swings

-Increased agitation

-Displays of abusive behavior


Helpful Tips:

Be a support system. Listen to their story and let them know you care. Ask directly about suicide, calmly and without judgement. Let them know their life matters to you. That one conversation could save a life. Reach out for professional help and don’t be afraid to talk about what is going on. This helps reduce the stigma associated with mental illness.

Encourage the individual to talk with a professional and never be afraid to call 911 if the person is at eminent risk. It is better to be safe than lose another person to suicide.

If you are struggling:

Don’t wait for someone to reach out. Seek mental health treatment; strength comes in asking for help. Treat yourself like you would treat someone else who needs your help.

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