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Saturday , October 19 2019
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Gallery+Story: 4k EPISD Teachers Return to School

Mariachis, cheerleaders, motivational speakers and even a movie screening were used today to welcome back the more than 4,000 teachers that returned to work in EPISD schools on Monday.

The fan fare is part of the kick-off celebrations for the 2017-18 school year that brings with it new and exciting opportunities for teachers, students and parents.

“We had an amazing summer of learning and growth, and our teachers were at the heart of our professional development and preparation during the break,” said Superintendent Juan Cabrera. “We want to make sure that teachers — not just students — have the tools they need to be successful in the classroom. That starts with high-quality training.”

Over the summer, hundreds of teachers attended different workshops, seminars and staff development opportunities with the goal of improving their skills and providing students with an even better experience in the classroom.

EPISD continues to focus its teaching in the Active Learning Framework, which ensures that all students engage in their education. It combines initiatives and instructional tools to help students succeed in a 21st century economy.

“It’s an exciting time to be a teacher in EPISD,” said Zach Lyons, an English teacher and swimming coach at Chapin High School. “The District is doing amazing things and our students are reaping the benefits of the innovative curriculum. I know my colleagues and I are ready to get back in the classroom.”

Throughout the District, principals welcomed teachers with fun activities.

Bonham Elementary teachers were greeted at the door with the festive music of mariachis, while teachers at Brown Middle were treated to a welcome-back breakfast.

Other schools chose excursions for their first day back on the job. Morehead Middle teachers took a bus to visit important aspects of the community they serve.

Teachers from Whitaker, Schuster and Stanton elementary schools gathered at Carmike Cinema for a special viewing of the film “Freedom Writers.”

“This movie and its subject are very inspiring and it can help us as educators see what we can do assist our student on their road to success,” said Stanton Principal Sarah Chavez-Gibson. “We felt this was a very powerful way to get the year started.”

Cabrera and Trustee Diane Dye attended the viewing. Other trustees and administrators made the rounds throughout the District to welcome teachers back.

Training and teacher preparation will continue throughout the week. Cabrera will give his address to the staff at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday during EPISD Connect. The address will be live streamed throughout the District.

First day of classes for students is Monday, Aug. 21.

Story+Video: El Paso ISD Teachers return to Classrooms

Excitement filled the air at campuses throughout EPISD on Monday as teachers returned from summer break reconnecting with their colleagues and getting ready for the upcoming school year.

First-year teacher Raquel Marquez spent Monday afternoon putting up posters, the alphabet and other colorful manipulatives in anticipation of her dual-language pre-kindergarten students.

“I’m excited and nervous,” the Cielo Vista Elementary teacher said. “But I’m going to give it my all and I’m sure I’ll be just fine.”

Marquez is one of more than 4,000 EPISD teachers returning to their campus this school year — one week before students arrive.

The day began for most teachers with a principal-led meeting for campus and district updates, team building and welcoming of new staff. The afternoon gave teachers a chance to start setting up their classrooms. The next three days are staff development with Tuesday and Thursday at the campus.

“The campuses will be rolling out new initiatives including some of what they learned at the RTI conference and about the framework for active learning and take a deeper dive into campus data,” said Kathy Seufert, director of Staff Development.

A teacher at Cielo Vista Elementary School sets up her bulletin board on Monday, the first day back for teachers.
A teacher at Cielo Vista Elementary School sets up her bulletin board on Monday, the first day back for teachers.

On Wednesday, teachers will attend “EPISD Connect,” formally known as Jobalike, to examine curriculum and do lesson planning. The day also will feature a live stream message from Superintendent Juan Cabrera. On Friday, teachers will have a full day in their classroom for set up.

“It’s an action-packed week for teachers to prepare for the 2016-17 school year,” Seufert said.

At Charles Middle School, the Verizon grant was the all the buzz on campus. Teachers were excited about the opportunities the iPads and the free 4G access would bring to their students and classrooms.

“I’m so excited about the Verizon grant and how I can implement more technology in my classroom,” said humanities teacher Sonya Kuntz as she stapled in map keys and other displays in her classroom. “My goal for this year is for my students to interact globally — without leaving the classroom — through technology.”

Secondary Teacher of the Year Michael Reese is thrilled to start a new year.

“There has never been a better time to be a teacher or a student,” he said. “The Power Up initiative coupled with the active learning framework have made it possible to re-imagine teaching and learning. The sky is the limit.”

His advice to new incoming teachers: “Do everything you can to be as organized as possible prior to the first week of school. Think through

Teachers at Charles Middle School catch up after a meeting on the first day back on the job for them on Monday.
Teachers at Charles Middle School catch up after a meeting on the first day back on the job for them on Monday.

the basic flow of how you want your class to run on a daily basis. Structure your classrooms to make it possible for students to quickly rearrange themselves for working as a whole class, collaborative small groups, and as individuals. Your organization and prior planning will pay huge dividends as you move through the semester.”

Elementary Teacher of the Year Jill McGee from Mesita Elementary also is ready to welcome her new students.

“It is such a crazy feeling to know that I am about to meet 20 some young lives that will become my world for the next 38 weeks,” she said. “I am eager to get to know my students, learn their stories and figure out their passions.”

Her advice to new teachers: “Pursue creativity in your craft by focusing on one new strategy at a time. Whatever it is, take time to dream and set goals. Next week, next month, next year, you can try something else. But today, choose to pursue excellence in one new area. Our kids deserve it.”

EPISD Teachers get ready for the start of school

From staff development to setting up classrooms, El Paso Independent School District teachers are back and ready for the 2015-16 school year and the 60,000 plus students coming back to school Aug. 24.

Staff development kicked off last week for new teachers with sessions geared to introduce key EPISD personnel, learn about the District’s Strategic Priorities and receive training on No Excuses University and classroom management strategies.

“The New Teacher Support Academy welcomes teachers who are new to the profession or just new to the District,”Assistant Director of Staff Development Kathy Seufert said. “The academy provides them an opportunity to connect as new teachers and EPISD employees.”

All EPISD teachers returned to their classrooms on Aug. 17 to prepare for the new year with a variety of training and staff meetings —many introducing new EPISD initiatives.

Photo: EPISD
Photo: EPISD

At Hawkins Elementary School teachers sported jerseys to celebrate an All-Star Champions theme.

“We want to motivate our teachers with all these new initiatives,” Hawkins principal Adriana Ruiz said. “We are going to work together as champions to make sure we are all on the right track.”

Photo: EPISD
Photo: EPISD

Teachers at Dowell Elementary School were surprised with a short trip to get ice-cream to help break up the day of training and preparation.

“We wanted to surprise the teachers with this as a welcome back treat,” the new Dowell principal Yeni Ontiveros said. “It really is about team building and cultivating relationships. Those are very important. I am very excited to start a new year at a great school.”

Texas Literacy Initiative teacher Valerie Gonzalez is ready for the new school year too.

“I am excited and nervous for the new year and all the new initiatives that are taking place in the District,” Gonzalez said. “Dowell is like a family so I have the excitement to see my school family.”

At Lincoln Middle School, the staff played Human Bingo to kick off team-building activities, which require teachers to learn more about their colleagues.

“This is a great way to get to know each other better and help build our team here at Lincoln,” principal Haidi Appel said.

At Bowie High School the teachers enjoyed a back to school breakfast before starting training and classroom prep.

“After all these years it is still exciting to start a new school year,” said Bowie English teacher Gerardo Monroy, a 20 plus year veteran. “It feels like my rookie year, and I am ready to meet any new challenges head on.”


Author: EPISD

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