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Monday , September 16 2019
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EPISD Focuses on Dad’s Role in Education via “Take Your Dad to School Day”

In a scene to be repeated throughout EPISD this week, students walked hand and hand with their dads down the halls at Logan Elementary to give their fathers a glimpse of their daily lessons and routines.

The students brought their fathers with them to school for the Strong Father “Take Your Dad to School Day” initiative.

Elementary campuses throughout EPISD will be participating in a similar event, which begins with classroom time and ends with a group activity for the dads.

At Logan, prekindergarten and kinder students sat eating breakfast with their dads before going to class while older students lined up with dad on the blacktop.

“This is my dad,” Joshua Ellis Jr. said, tugging his dad’s fingers. “My dad gets to stay with me today.”

Dad Joshua Ellis’ twin pre-k boys enjoyed seeing him at their school and especially in their classroom.

“This is my spot,” little Joshua told his dad before the announcements and National Anthem began.

The soldier dads watched their little ones carefully during the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance, some guiding them to make sure their right hand was correctly placed on their heart.

“I think it’s great that they get to see their dads are here to support them in their education,” Ellis said. “I was glad to see them interacting with their classmates and teachers. I want to be able to help them improve and know what they are doing.”

At PE, dads and kindergarten students gathered in the multipurpose room to play with beanbags – a lesson in coordination and motor skills. The coach gave instructions to the little ones to toss the beanbags in the air, clap, catching it with another hand.  The dads stood next to their kids guiding them, smiling, playing a little catch and posing for selfies to mark the occasion.

Brian Ault stood back watching his son Steven, who is in the kindergarten collaborative, toss the beanbag amid dozens of his peers.

“I haven’t been very active in his school I’ve just been picking him and dropping him off so this gives me a chance to see him interact with other kids instead of relying on what the teacher says,” Ault said. “I want to have an understanding of what my son is doing and see if there are any issues we need to address at home.”

Alfredo Chavez, who teaches prekindergarten dual language for the 3-year-olds, gathered parents outside his class to talk about his classroom rules and routines.

“It’s important that parents feel comfortable with the school,” Chavez said. “We want to build structure and bond from the beginning to build trust with the parents.

Chavez and the other early childhood teachers have been working on rituals and routines for the little learners since school began last month. “We want them to know we are not a day care. We are an academic settings and we have rules and structures that need to be followed and even rules for the parents to follow.”

Fathers posting photos during “Take your Dad to School Day” this week are encouraged to use #episddads.

Story by Reneé de Santos |  Photos by Leonel Monroy – EPISD

El Paso ISD Inviting Dads to ‘Strong Schools, Strong Fathers’ Events Next Week

Fathers and father figures are encouraged to get more involved in the education of elementary school-aged children through Bring Your Dad to School Week, a five-day series of events throughout EPISD.

Elementary campuses will host a “Bring your Dad to School Day” at least once during the week of September 10-14 as part of the – Strong Fathers Initiative. Dads are encouraged to check with their child’s campus for details of activities planned for the week.

“The Strong Schools, Strong Fathers program aims to strengthen our District and campus efforts in making fathers and families active partners in the education of their children,” said Ray Lozano, executive director of Student and Family Empowerment. “These types of programs benefit our students by enhancing their parents’ capacity to provide social-emotional and academic support.”

EPISD has been working with Michael Hall, founder of Strong Fathers-Strong Families, to build the capacity of parental engagement in the District. Bring your Dad to School Day is one of many initiatives in which campuses are participating in conjunction with Student and Family Empowerment.

Elementary campuses also are planning other specific academic nights for students and their dads.

“Studies have shown that when fathers spend time with their child on homework, share meals together, and spend play time together, those children do better academically, are in less trouble in school and the community, are more likely to pursue post-secondary education,” Hall said. “When fathers read to kids their verbal skills can increase by up to 15 percent which does not happen when moms read to them.”

The program also hopes to strengthen bonds between fathers and their child or children, and make fathers feel more comfortable at the campus itself.

“When dads get to see what actually goes on during the school day in their child’s class they are empowered to be more engaged in the education of their child,” Hall said. “Today’s classroom is drastically different than even those of our youngest fathers and when dads see how kids learn and how they are being taught, then they have a better understanding of how they can help guide their child in their learning.”

Hall added that “Bring your Dad to School Day” allows dads see how the classroom functions they also get to see their child’s interactions with the teacher and the other students.

“Dads also get to see how children work together and how their child compares to their peers and their expected development,” he said. “Having an understanding of how the classroom works and how it works for their child helps dads to be engaged the entire school year.”

Stay connected with all Strong Schools, Strong Fathers initiatives in the District by following the hashtag #EPISDdads

Story by Reneé de Santos | Graphic by Martín A. López – EPISD
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