• October 27, 2020

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EPWater rolls out new ‘how to’ videos on water conservation

For many El Pasoans, daily life now requires work, dine-in, exercise and even school to be done from home. More often than not, that also means more do-it-yourself home improvement projects. To that end, officials with El Paso Water wants residents to conserve water, while saving money at the same time by performing simple upgrades […]Read More

PSB’s Mena offers health expertise as city, state begin to

As state and local leaders take steps to ease COVID-19 restrictions, Dr. Kristina Mena is helping to shape health guidance needed to reopen Texas and El Paso. The Public Service Board Vice-Chair for El Paso Water is a renowned expert in human health risk assessment and serves on several advisory panels offering health expertise to […]Read More

Video+Story: First Montana Vista homes connect to new wastewater system

Thirty-four years. That’s how long Montana Vista resident Abraham Rascon has been hoping wastewater system infrastructure would reach his neighborhood. On Monday April 20, 2020, that wait was over. “I thank God this day has finally arrived,” Rascon said. “We can now shower with lots of joy knowing our septic tank won’t overfill.” Rascon was […]Read More

Women make strides in EPWater workforce

As a heavy equipment operator for El Paso Water, Truck Driver Laura Chaparro-Casas is turning heads. It happens so often, Chaparro-Casas is no longer fazed by the double takes she gets while driving her Freightliner dump truck to and from a job site. What she does notice are the honks and waves from other women […]Read More

El Paso Water set to host DiscoverE-Building Curiosity

Next month, El Paso Water is hosting a free, family friendly event called DiscoverE – Building Curiosity. “We’re thrilled to be able to showcase engineering as an exciting career path for El Paso’s youth,” said April Lopez, water conservation specialist for El Paso Water. “We want to ensure that El Paso and EPWater have a […]Read More

With $22m investment, EPWater works to enhance customer experience

As technology evolves, so do customers’ expectations for convenience and speed; to that end big changes in technology are coming to EPWater. “To guarantee our customers a more gratifying and efficient experience,  we are in the initial stages of obtaining a new Customer Information System (CIS) to better respond to our customers, whether they are paying a […]Read More

When the river stops, the maintenance begins

River water season has officially dried up for the year, kicking off the beginning of maintenance at El Paso Water’s two river water treatment plants. The to-do list is a long one for employees at the Robertson/Umbenhauer – aka the Canal Plant – and the Jonathan Rogers water treatment plants. Draining and cleaning sand-choked basins, […]Read More

New $3.3m EPWater project to improve water load-shifting between plants

At the September Public Service Board meeting, EPWater detailed its latest innovation to provide load-shifting capability that enables certain wastewater streams to shift from one treatment plant to another. The Haskell Wastewater Plant treats wastewater to reclaimed water standards, and the Fred Hervey Water Reclamation Plant treats wastewater to drinking water standards. The new project […]Read More