• June 15, 2021

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Donation of N95 masks to El Paso Children’s Hospital Foundation

With a young family member in the hospital, one local resident – along with his employer- decide to give back to those frontline workers helping all local families. David Marin, an associate at Lowe’s on Redd Road, is also uncle to 12-year-old Scarlett Orwig, a patient at El Paso Children’s Hospital. Scarlett  is diagnosed with Acute […]Read More

‘Mija, yes you can’ project donates $400 in T-shirt profits

‘Mija, Yes you can‘, a local woman empowerment project donates $400 to a fund aimed at helping patients and their families who have been affected by COVID-19. The ‘Mija, Yes you can’ project started back in March and, shortly after its launch, organizers teamed up with the Executive Director at UMC and El Paso Children’s […]Read More

Estela Casas joins EPCHD To Lead UMC, EPCH Foundations

Estela Casas, El Paso’s longest-serving broadcast journalist, announced Wednesday that she will be leaving television news to take on a new role as the Executive Director of the University Medical Center Foundation. Casas has been a primary news anchor at KVIA-TV for nearly 27 years, after ten years of service at three other El Paso […]Read More

Stand With Estela Fund Awards $17K to Help Breast Cancer

On Thursday, TV News Anchor and cancer fighter Estela Casas presented a $17,500 check to the Rio Grande Cancer Foundation from the Stand With Estela Fund in the El Paso Community Foundation. The major grant will provide much needed assistance to women fighting breast cancer. Grants will be made in the form of $250 gift […]Read More

Video+Story: Estela Casas Announces New Fund to Help Women with

TV news anchor and El Paso icon Estela Casas announced Thursday that she has created a new fund in the El Paso Community Foundation to help women with breast cancer. The STAND WITH ESTELA FUND will help patients of limited means in their battle with the disease. Donors also may target their funds for research. “I […]Read More