• January 17, 2021

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More than a name: Bliss Army Community Service offers support

It’s a common military-life scenario: receiving orders, packing, moving, and unpacking, while still trying to navigate through a new unit and local community. Then, just when the tempo becomes normal, a new set of orders are delivered, and the relocation cycle begins again. However, this cycle is not the same for everyone. While a new […]Read More

Green Berets offer unique training for Fort Bliss Soldiers

A team of Green Berets relay instructions to a group of young, enthusiastic Infantry Soldiers under the cover of night. With a sudden boom, the pitch black landscape becomes as clear as day as a 120mm illumination round spills a flickering white light over the target, off in the distant desert. These specialized mortars were […]Read More

1st Armored Division, Fort Bliss welcome new Commanding General

Under the warm morning rays of the El Paso sun, a small group of Iron Soldiers, family, friends, and local community members excitedly convened on the Iron Soldier Parade Field to attend the 1st Armored Division Change of Command ceremony, a military tradition rich with symbolism and heritage. Traditionally held with troops in mass formation, […]Read More

Fort Bliss recognizes soldier volunteers at four EPISD schools

Fort Bliss soldiers volunteered more than 4,370 hours in 51 schools this past year, earning four EPISD schools and their partner unit top awards in the Fort Bliss Partners in Education program. Burges and Chapin high schools and Nixon and Milam elementary schools joined with their respective partners to receive their awards during a senior […]Read More

Army Reserve Chicago-based command acquires new mission at Fort Bliss

FORT BLISS – News stories reporting on military units preparing for overseas deployments or returning back home have been a fairly common story throughout the last two decades. What is not so commonly seen is the Soldiers, Department of the Army Civilians or contractors who undergo the mobilization process, individually, at the CONUS Replacement Center, […]Read More

Bliss medical Soldiers tested during field hospital exercise

Soldiers from the 528th Hospital Center “Noble Knights” and 131st Field Hospital “Guardian Knights” on Fort Bliss, Texas, spent the last two weeks of August in a simulated deployed environment on west Bliss training and testing their skills. Known as Operation Noble Focus, the training exercise not only tested the Soldiers’ ability to perform in […]Read More

Fort Bliss’ Aviation Brigade prepares to head to areas hit

Fort Bliss – The 2-501 General Support Aviation Battalion of the 1st Armored Division based at Fort Bliss will send a contingent of helicopters and personnel at the direction of US Northern Command to Fort Hood. “The 1AD Combat Aviation Brigade, ‘Iron Eagles’ train to be ready for any mission, any time, any place. Whether […]Read More

Artist creating Vanessa Guillén mural near Fort Bliss

Murals are popping up across the country to honor Army Spc. Vanessa Guillén, who went missing in April while stationed at Fort Hood. Her dismembered remains were later found in June. Now, El Paso, home to a military base of its own, has a mural dedicated to Guillén. “All I did was ask my community […]Read More