• April 22, 2021

Tags : Galactus

Video+Story – TNTM: Marvel Cosmic Ghost Rider series

Marvel introduced a new character in Thanos #16, the Cosmic Ghost Rider. It is revealed later in that issue that the Cosmic Ghost Rider is none other than… Frank Castle (Punisher). If that isn’t twisted enough for you, the story of how he became the right hand of Thanos is very warped. Thanos came to […]Read More

TNTM: Marvel Comics Galactus origin

Most comic book fans know who Galactus is, but do they know how he came to be? In this fun fact I explain the origin of the big guy in purple. Galactus is the first and oldest entity in the universe. He was originally the explorer Galan of Taa. The universe is going through the […]Read More

Li’l Deadpool Diary Adventure Parody

Li’l Deadpool Diary Adventure Parody This Universe isn’t Big enough for my Ego and your Pants Size So, if you don’t remember me meeting the Silver Surfer just recently, that’s ok. Cause I barely remember it as well. Turns out he was actually telling me things that were pretty important. Like the fact that his […]Read More