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Tuesday , October 15 2019
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Video+Story: Guillen Students Get Insight into Medical Professions

Dozens of students traded in pencils and notebooks and instead took time learning to draw blood, suture patients and assist geriatric patients during a hands-on career exploration workshop.

Texas Tech University Health Science Center El Paso’s Desert Mountain Area Health Education Center gave the participating students — all of whom had expressed an interest in a health care career — an opportunity to interact with medical students during the Map Your Future workshop.

“We’re trying to get students interested in the medical field – not necessarily to become physicians or nurses, but just to open up their

eyes to all the different possibilities within the region and throughout the United States,” said Raul Gomez, a volunteer with the health education center.

“We believe that if we plant the seed at an early age, they’ll start to build on it and it’ll be so strong by the time they get to high school or to college it’ll just be something that they’re so passionate about that they don’t mind going through eight years of schooling or four years of schooling.”

The event featured a variety of hands-on activities at the different stations set up in the gym and a classroom.

At one station, students learned to draw blood with a Kool Aid-like substance oozing out of a fake arm.

A few feet away, other students used a suture kit to learn how to practice sewing up patients. Inside the gym, another group donned weighted vests, funky googles and other restricting equipment to simulate ailments associated with geriatric patients. Another booth gave a hard lesson on the dangers of drinking and driving.

At the DUI station, students wrote on eggs expressing their hopes and dreams, then slid on some vision-distorting glasses. Meanwhile,

they balanced their eggs on a spoon while maneuvering through an obstacle. Some students lost their balance dropping the raw egg to the ground – symbolizing how a DUI could shatter their dreams and aspirations.

“This really tells me the consequences it brings and how my career could not be successful if I’m drunk driving,” said Vanessa Valdez, an eighth grader who aspires to go to Silva Health Magnet.

“I mostly want to be a nurse but I’m still deciding. It’s been great coming here. They’re giving me experience.”

Eighth-grader Jashwa Villanueva is wavering between a career in architectural engineering and health care.

“I wanted to see options for my future and see if I’d like jobs in the medical field,” he said. “It’s been a really fun, eye-opening experience to see the cool jobs and having the medical show us the activities.”

Guillen is the first middle school campus to take part in the Map your Future event. Counselor Sonia Antuñez worked with Texas Tech’s Desert Mountain Area Health Education Center to offer the program to Guillen.

“Our children are not exposed to different careers in medical field,” Antuñez said. “This has been rewarding for them. They’re taking it in and actually thinking about the medical field because of what they have been exposed to today.”







Story by Reneé de Santos | Photos by Martín A. López | Video by Raymond Jackson – EPISD

J.J. Watt Foundation funds Two Middle School Wrestling Mats

Few things smell better than a brand new car. Except, of course, if you’re a physical education teacher and you just got a brand new wresting mat.

At least that’s what Victor Morales, a coach at Guillen Middle School, thought earlier this week as he took in the sights and scents of the new wrestling mats that were donated to the school by the Justin J. Watt Foundation.

“It’s beautiful,” Montes said. “This is going to be such a big help.”

Guillen and Magoffin middle schools received new wrestling mats thanks to the foundation created by J.J. Watt, the star defensive end for the NFL’s Houston Texans. The foundation provides funding for after-school athletic programs in underserved schools in Wisconsin and Texas.

news_2607_mTo be eligible for the funding, schools must meet certain criteria to apply. Among them, schools must have planned or established after-school sport program, have more than 60 percent of students on the free or reduced-priced lunch program, have a need for uniforms, equipment and a need for funding for staff or transportation.

“This mat is a special blessing because before the wrestling team had to walk to Bowie and bring back the mats here. It would take away time from practice,” Montes said. “Now with our own mat we can invest more time on technique.”

Montes is proud of the mat and hopes it will inspires his students.

“It’s a beautiful color. The name ‘Guillen’ is written on it and that brings a sense of pride for the kids here,” Montes said. “I think we are going to have a better turn out this year than the previous years.”

For Magoffin, the new mat allows coach Samuel Samaniego to form the school’s very first wrestling team. Prior to receiving the donation, students had to wait until 4 p.m. and have transportation to Irvin High School to participate in wrestling.

“Now that we have a mat here it will be easier to recruit more students because now they can get started right after school. I think more students will be anxious to come out for wrestling because now they will feel like they are Magoffin Lobos,” Samaniego said.

More than a dozen students were quick to raise their hands when coach asked who was interested in joining the team.

Seventh-grader Brianna Casto hopes to join in the spring after not being able to wrestle at Irvin.

“I am interested in wrestling because my cousins are in it, and I like the sport,” Casto said. “I wasn’t able to make it since my mom works so it was hard to go over to Irvin and then back to my house. It was just too much of a hassle.”

Guillen students are pumped about the new addition to their school, especially since they won’t have to tote the mats over from Bowie.

“I’m excited for wrestling to start. I’m ready,” student Justin Davalos said. “We feel excited and proud of this school that has its own mat.”

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