• April 20, 2021

Tags : happy

Podcast: Your Favorite Media: From CEO to CE-nOpe: expanding a

There is supposed to be a certain shame associated with the folding of a company or having the desire to leave what others consider to be “a really good job“. I remember my ex-wife’s parents freaking out and guilting her whenever she considered leaving Google in the pursuit of her lesser paying dream: that of being a […]Read More

Video: TNTM’s HAPPY! Season 2 Episode 3 & 4 Kinda

We got caught up this past week running El Paso Comic Con so we are doing a review of two episodes together in order to get caught up. Happy! episodes 3 and 4 see a lot of Nick breaking his promises. We also learn how Sonny Shine got his show. Smoothie makes some progress becoming […]Read More