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Tuesday , March 26 2019
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Video+Story: TNTM Talks Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies

Marvel used their movies to build up to the big confrontation in Avengers Infinity War. They teased Thanos here and there throughout their other movies so that when he made his big appearance in Infinity War, most people already knew all about him and what a big threat he is.

We are hoping that Marvel starts building up to another of their epic stories after the Thanos situation is resolved in Avengers Infinity War part 2. They have plenty of great line wide story arcs that would translate nicely to the big screen.

Another thing we are hoping for is to start seeing more crossover between the movies and TV shows. Cross your fingers!

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Video – TNTM: Lego Marvel SHIELD Helicarrier build

What is the Helicarrier?

The Helicarrier is the flying aircraft carrier used by S.H.I.E.L.D. in Marvel comics and movies. It was originally designed by Jack Kirby. The first Helicarrier was proposed by Stark Industries as a political compromise in response to fears that any nation hosting the S.H.I.E.L.D. main headquarters would be subject to attack by organizations such as HYDRA.

There have been more than twenty known Helicarriers built. Those ships are:

Luxor – A class prototype, not yet seen.
Hermes – Allegedly scuttled after being hijacked by the Red Skull.
Argus – A Luxor-class Helicarrier.
Behemoth – Specially designed Helicarrier commanded by Dum Dum Dugan for use against Godzilla. Destroyed by S.H.I.E.L.D. in an attempt to neutralize an attack by Amadeus Cho.
Black Hawk – Destroyed in action against a HYDRA-Hand alliance of forces.
Alpha – First mentioned by name in New Avengers #4.
Pericles III – Punisher War Journal vol. 2, #1.
Pericles V – Infiltrated by the vampiric Order of Tyrana and scuttled by Blade.
Samuel Sawyer – Named for Nick Fury’s World War II-era commanding officer in the United States Army.
Iliad – Named in Secret Warriors #17.
Argonaut – Named in Secret Warriors #17.
Prometheus – The Prometheus was stolen from a secret U.S. facility in the Sonoran Desert by a rogue faction of S.T.R.I.K.E. during the 2011 “Fear Itself” story-line.
Tempest – named and destroyed shortly after launch with two thousand crew aboard by the Electric Ghost.
Hercules – Capable of operating in submarine mode. Described as Constellation-class.
Odyssey – First shown and named in Captain America: Living Legend # 1.
Pericles – First shown and named in X-Force v.4 # 7. Already decommissioned and abandoned by S.H.I.E.L.D. under unrevealed circumstances in its first appearance, and taken over as a base by X-Force.
Bellerophon – first named in New Avengers v.4 # 14.
Douglass – first named in U.S.Avengers # 2.
Helicarrier Gold – After Iron Man replaced Maria Hill as Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., he designed a new class of Helicarrier whose red and gold design resembles the Iron Man Armor. This helicarrier was severely damaged and crashed by the Red Hulk.

S.H.I.E.L.D.’s replacement agency, H.A.M.M.E.R., has decommissioned the surviving Helicarriers. Three of them were stolen by Nick Fury. H.A.M.M.E.R. subsequently commissioned at least one new carrier to Norman Osborn’s specifications which was destroyed over Broxton, Oklahoma, during the Siege of Asgard.

The Lego Helicarrier

The Helicarrier is one of the most iconic vehicles in the Marvel Universe. The Lego Helicarrier is undoubtedly one of the bigger completed sets. Make sure you have plenty of shelf space before you build this beast of a set.

Official Lego Solicitation


Take on the challenge of building this awesome LEGO® model of The S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier™. Construct the flying aircraft carrier with 2 runways, microscale Quinjets™, fighter jets and ground support vehicles. The set also comes with many of your favorite LEGO Marvel Super Heroes™ minifigures, plus 12 microfigures to display on deck and within the highly detailed interior. Includes 5 minifigures: Nick Fury™, Black Widow™, Captain America™, Hawkeye™ and Maria Hill™.

Includes 5 minifigures: Nick Fury, Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye and Maria Hill, plus an iconic S.H.I.E.L.D. eagle stand to display them on.

Features 3 microscale Quinjets, 3 fighter jets, a gasoline truck, 2 forklift trucks, 2 runways, 4 road blockades, armored exterior with translucent elements, detailed interior, plus 12 microfigures (Nick Fury, Hawkeye, Captain America, Iron Man and 8 S.H.I.E.L.D. agents). Also includes a detailed runway

Weapons include Hawkeye’s bow, Black Widow’s gun and Captain America’s shield.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Maria Hill minifigure is new for spring 2015!
Includes a plaque with facts about The S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier
Add lights and spinning rotors to the Helicarrier with the 88000, 8883, and 8870 LEGO® Power Functions sets (sold separately)
Rotors can also be turned manually. Includes a display stand.

Helicarrier measures over 11” (29cm) high, 31” (80cm) long and 17” (45cm) wide

Each Quinjet measures over 1” (3cm) high, 2” (7cm) long and 2” (7cm)wide

Minifigure stand measures over 4” (12cm) high, and 2” (6cm deep) and 6” (16cm wide)

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TNTM: Marvel Comics Hawkeye is now a girl!

Most Hawkeye fans are aware of Kate Bishop. Kate appears alongside the original Hawkeye, Clint Barton, in his Hawkeye series after the Avengers vs. X-Men story-line.  They maintain a mentor/student relationship but regularly exhibit competitiveness with each other.

With Hawkeye (Clint Barton) still on the outs due to his killing Bruce Banner, Kate Bishop takes up the mantle of Hawkeye.  Kate had worked closely with Clint in the past taking out lower level street crime rather than being super-heroes.

Kate is highly skilled at archery, fencing, swordsmanship, jujitsu, boxing, and other forms of combat. She carries two battle staves similar to those once used by Mockingbird, a sword similar to the Swordsman’s, as well as Clint Barton’s bow and arrows.

Black Panther had also supplied her with trick arrows.

Kate Bishop history

Kate was a civilian forcibly introduced to the Young Avengers in an early rescue attempt made by the team.  Her encounter with the young team led her to investigate them on her own.  She , followed them to Avengers headquarters.  She dresses in the gear of Mockingbird and Hawkeye.  She also grabs Swordsman’s sword and Black Widow’s belt.

When Kate first appears wearing Mockingbird’s mask Patriot jokingly refers to her as “Hawkingbird.” She invites herself to join the team after helping in their battle against Kang the Conqueror. She was subsequently confirmed as a member of the team.

After defeating Kang the Conqueror, Captain America and Iron Man ordered the team to break up. They refused to train the team without their parents’ consent. Kate Bishop still wanted to be a Young Avenger. Kate took the team to an abandoned warehouse previously owned by one of her father’s companies, Bishop Publishing.  She turned the warehouse into the team’s lair. Captain America told them to “never wear those uniforms again.” so she had new uniforms made.

After Patriot is injured in a fight, Captain America tells the Young Avengers that he hopes that they start normal lives. Kate tells him if he had trained them Patriot might not have been injured and it was best for him to help the Young Avengers by accepting them. Jessica Jones returns to give Kate the original Hawkeye’s bow and arrows with a note from Captain America. Jessica told Kate that the only other person to stand up to Captain America the way she did was Hawkeye.  Captain America wanted her to take Clint’s code-name. Kate did and became the third “Hawkeye”.

Official Press Release

(W) Kelly Thompson (A) Leonardo Romero (CA) Julian Totino Tedesco

Remember Hawkeye? No not that Hawkeye, our favorite Hawkeye, the chick who puts the hawk in Hawkeye, the butt-kicking hero who had to save the other Hawkeye’s butt all the time. Yup, you know her, it’s the dazzling Kate Bishop making her solo comics debut! Kate is heading west and returning to Los Angeles, with her bow and arrow and P.I. badge in tow. There are crimes to solve and she’s the best archer to handle ’em! The City of Angels has a new guardian angel.

The talented duo of Kelly Thompson (A-Force, Jem) and Leonardo Romero (Squadron Supreme, Doctor Strange) bring you a Kate Bishop like you’ve never seen her before, in a brand-new ongoing series that really hits the mark!

Rated T+

In Shops: Dec 14, 2016 SRP: $3.99

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TNTM Old Man Logan discussion

Jack and Troy from geek out over “Wolverine: Old Man Logan”. Old Man Logan is an eight-issue story line from the Wolverine ongoing Marvel series by writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven.

It began in June 2008 and ran through Wolverine #66–72. It ended in Wolverine Giant-Size Old Man Logan in September 2009. It is set in an alternate universe designated as Earth-80128.

A new volume of Old Man Logan debuted during the 2015 Secret Wars storyline written by Brian Michael Bendis with art by Andrea Sorrentino. This story is continued in an ongoing series with the same name written by Jeff Lemire with Sorrentino returning as artist.

Set over fifty years in the future the world’s super villains band together to finally destroy all superheroes. The United States has been conquered and divided among super villains. Territories belonging to The Abomination (later conquered by the Hulk), Magneto (later conquered by a new Kingpin), Dr. Doom, and the Red Skull (who has named himself President).

Heroes have been wiped out of existence. The few survivors are in hiding. Logan lives with his wife Maureen and young children Scotty and Jade on a barren plot of land in Sacramento, California. This area is now part of the territory known as “Hulkland.” Logan needs to pay rent to his landlords (the incestuous hillbilly grandchildren of the Hulk and his first cousin She Hulk) so he accepts a job from a now blind Hawkeye. The job is to help Hawkeye travel east to the capital of New Babylon and deliver a secret package.

Logan and Hawkeye encounter several diversions on their journey. They rescue Hawkeye’s daughter from the clutches of the new Kingpin. Before she murders Kingpin and reveals her intention to seize his territory.

They escape a cluster of Moloids who are destroying cities by sinking them from beneath the surface. They then get chased by a Venom symbiote-infused dinosaur (imported from the Savage Land) before being rescued and teleported by the White Queen and Black Bolt.

Throughout the story it is reiterated that the “Wolverine” persona died the day the villains attacked. Logan has refused to use his claws ever since. Via flashbacks it is revealed that on the night the attack happened a group of forty super villains apparently attacked the X-Mansion. Unable to locate his teammates Wolverine slaughtered the attackers to ensure the safety of the mutant children. As the last “attacker” was killed, Logan realized that the entire assault was an illusion created by Mysterio.

His perceived enemies were actually his fellow X-Men. This destroyed him emotionally and mentally. He fled the Mansion and wandered away to a train track in shock and shame.

When they finally reach the capital Hawkeye delivers his package to an underground resistance group hoping to begin a new Avengers-esque team. The package is revealed to be a case of Super Soldier Serum. It is enough to form an army. But Hawkeye’s clients expose themselves as undercover S.H.I.E.L.D agents. They shoot and kill Logan and Hawkeye.

However, Logan’s body heals and he awakens in Red Skull’s trophy room among the armaments and costumes of the world’s fallen superheroes. Without using his claws he kills Red Skull’s men and engages Red Skull himself. Logan eventually decapitates him with Captain America’s shield. He grabs a briefcase of money (their intended reward for the delivery) and uses pieces of Iron Man’s armor to fly back home.

Upon arriving, Logan discovers that in his absence the Hulk’s grandchildren murdered his family, and left the bodies unburied. This results in Logan finally unleashing his claws. He seeks out and slaughters almost the entire Banner clan before encountering old man Banner himself.

Banner displays monstrous strength even in his human form. Banner reveals that while the murder of Logan’s family was intended as a message to others he really just wanted to get Logan angry enough to fight him because he had gotten bored being a “super-villain landlord” like the others.

In his Hulk form Banner is enormous. He is bigger than the Hulk has ever been shown before and easily defeats Logan. Hulk then consumes him. Logan recuperates within Banner’s stomach and bursts out, killing the Hulk. Afterward he discovers a baby hulk, Bruce Banner Junior.

A month later, Logan and his neighbors hold a small memorial for Logan’s family. With nothing left on his old home Logan plans to defeat all the new world villains and bring peace to the land. He and Bruce Banner Junior being the first members of a new group of superheroes.

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