• January 28, 2021

Tags : health care

Analysis: Health care and its discontents loom over Texas Democrats

Democratic voters’ focus on health care keeps that issue at center stage in the presidential primary, with the spotlight shining most brightly on the politics of “Medicare for All” — the 2020 shorthand for universal government-provided health insurance. National polling almost universally shows that Democrats rank  health care as one of the most important issues (as […]Read More

Hurd Statement on Healthcare Bill: ‘Insurance is not Healthcare’

In advance of Thursday’s vote overhauling the Affordable Care Act, U.S. Representative Will Hurd released the following statement: “We must remember, that regardless of its goals, Obamacare has not made healthcare more accessible or more affordable. It has led to expensive and confusing insurance coverage for American families while adding regulations at the expense of […]Read More

State Sen. Rodríguez, SEIU Texas to host Health Information Fair

State Senator José Rodríguez and SEIU Texas are co-hosting a health information fair and roundtable discussion on how to ensure health care access in El Paso in 2017 and beyond on Thursday, December 8. The outcome of the presidential election raises new and significant uncertainties about national health care policy priorities. Ensuring access to affordable, quality […]Read More