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Monday , October 22 2018
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Painting Life’s Simple Joys Nets Artist a Win in Herald-Post Art Contest

At the end of January, I introduced many of you to Ho Barron. At the end of that article, I announced a small contest we were running.

The rules were simple, simply send me a photo of your art. It could have been anything: food you prepared, photos of your paintings, your photography, sculpture, anything.

By the end of January, we had received entries from forty-nine people who sent sixty-three photos.

Having given a bit of extra time to see if any other entries were going to come in, it was time to go through all the amazing entries I received. From that, a winner was picked.

The winner? Lisa M. Goss of Northeast El Paso. She won dinner and a movie for her and her husband.

I made the trip to the other side of town to meet Lisa and look at her other works. Lisa, who arrived in El Paso from Pennsylvania in 2004, is full of life, energy, and faith. These personal qualities come out in her work. She’s also the mother of two very beautiful children.

“I’ve been drawing and painting since grade school,” says Lisa. “I don’t know why I didn’t pursue it as a career in Collage.” In the late 90’s she went back to college to take some classes in graphic art.

“Around 2007, my first husband passed suddenly,” Lisa recalls. “I had a studio at that time and let it go. I packed up my studio for a year and a half and didn’t do anything.”

Over the last couple of years, Lisa returned to painting.

“I’m a sucker for art challenges,” says Lisa. “I participated in National Write a Novel Month.”

Then in July, two years ago, she encountered World Watercolor Month where you are challenged to create a different watercolor painting each day of the month.

“Most of the time, as my children were playing,” she said, “I would make a sketch or painting. That started getting me back into painting. It was a great stress reliever.” Of all the pieces of hers that I am sharing in this article, I like the one where the little girl is playing with her shovel and bucket while the cat watches.

So, congratulations go out to Lisa!

Also, keep your eye on my future articles as there are more contests coming!

You can visit Lisa, and her work, online at any of the following links:  Instagram  |  Societ6 Lisa’s Blog

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