• October 22, 2021

Tags : holtthink

Op-Ed: Teaching With Technology Should Not Be An Option: It’s

In Texas, the law requires schools to integrate technology into lesson in every curricular area in grades K-8. Period. The law is the law. And after 8th grade, it is assumed that all grades in all content areas 9-12 will just continue the work of their K-8 colleagues and integrate technology into almost all lessons […]Read More

Op-Ed: What If Educators Had To Face The Press After

After every professional football game, a press conference is held, where the coaches and select players go in front of the sports reporter and do a dissection of the game. This happens as well in collegiate sports, and most any professional sports as well. It is a time honored tradition. The coaches, even if they […]Read More

Op-Ed: Remembering the Kiss

I bet, if you thought about it you could remember your first real kiss. I am not talking Tia Maria pecking you on the cheek. I’m talking that someone that you were so hot for back in the day. You were nervous, you were excited, you were sweating, you were worried. Even if it happened […]Read More

Op-Ed: You Now Have No Excuse Not To Learn

Recently, a local opinion columnist wrote that he had “…no appetite for anything modern.” In 600 words he was able to castigate modern movies, sports, music, women who are “no longer coy,” the #takeaknee movement, and basically anything that has happened in the world after say, 1955 as being culturally irrelevant, vulgar, or corrupt. Beethoven: […]Read More

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