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Monday , October 22 2018
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UMC To Send Team To Support Hurricane Victims

In response to calls for support and other assistance for victims of Hurricane Harvey, University Medical Center of El Paso is sending a contingent of physicians and nurses to San Antonio.

“The devastation brought to our State by Hurricane Harvey has us pulling together as Texas communities and hospitals to support all victims and each other,” said Jacob Cintron, President & CEO.

“I am so proud that we had so many of our staff volunteer. However, for now at least, the call is for a small group but we stand ready to send more, as well as ready and able to treat any victims of the storm, should they be sent to us here in El Paso.”

UMC on Monday received a request from hurricane relief officials seeking:

  • Doctors
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Nurses

Victims from Houston and surrounding areas have been relocated to San Antonio and other Texas cities. UMC’s team will support two large shelters in San Antonio, with each shelter providing accommodations and relief services for 2,800 people.

El Paso Sends Rescue Teams to South Texas, Continues to Prepare to Shelter Evacuees

The City of El Paso is assisting with emergency relief efforts from the unprecedented flooding in South Texas.

“Our thoughts remain with our fellow Texans struggling to cope with this catastrophic event,” Mayor Dee Margo said. “El Paso is assisting and is ready to do more during this state disaster. Our goal is to help save lives and provide comfort and support to victims of these devastating floods.”

In response to the disaster area El Paso has:

  • Activated its Emergency Operations Center as of yesterday (August 27, 2017) to prepare for the potential to receive 1,500 evacuees from Houston;
  • Sent six El Paso Fire Department divers and a rescue boat to Houston;
  • Deployed 33 officers, two sergeants, and 11 vehicles to Houston;
  • Sent the BorderRAC ambulance strike team and mobile hospital to South Texas; and
  • El Paso Sheriff is sending deputies for additional security assistance

“The City of El Paso and our partners are coordinating to provide as much emergency relief as we can during these unprecedented floods,” City Manager Tommy Gonzalez said. “We have the utmost confidence that our First Responders and partners are unified to help our friends and families across Southeastern Texas.”

The Texas Division of Emergency Management asked El Paso’s OEM to assist with housing evacuees. OEM is coordinating with all appropriate agencies to be ready to house victims from the catastrophic floods. Should evacuees arrive, they will be relocated to appropriate shelter(s). The arrival of evacuees has not yet been confirmed.

The American Red Cross and Salvation Army are working with OEM to set up the shelter(s). OEM is coordinating with the El Paso Independent School District to provide education services, if necessary.

The City’s Health Department 2-1-1 call takers are assisting through the 2-1-1 Texas Information and Referral Network (TIRN), which receives calls from throughout the state.

Flights to and from Houston have been cancelled for today. Travelers should contact their airline directly for flight information. Flight information for the El Paso International Airport is available at