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Sunday , February 23 2020
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El Paso Sends Rescue Teams to South Texas, Continues to Prepare to Shelter Evacuees

The City of El Paso is assisting with emergency relief efforts from the unprecedented flooding in South Texas.

“Our thoughts remain with our fellow Texans struggling to cope with this catastrophic event,” Mayor Dee Margo said. “El Paso is assisting and is ready to do more during this state disaster. Our goal is to help save lives and provide comfort and support to victims of these devastating floods.”

In response to the disaster area El Paso has:

  • Activated its Emergency Operations Center as of yesterday (August 27, 2017) to prepare for the potential to receive 1,500 evacuees from Houston;
  • Sent six El Paso Fire Department divers and a rescue boat to Houston;
  • Deployed 33 officers, two sergeants, and 11 vehicles to Houston;
  • Sent the BorderRAC ambulance strike team and mobile hospital to South Texas; and
  • El Paso Sheriff is sending deputies for additional security assistance

“The City of El Paso and our partners are coordinating to provide as much emergency relief as we can during these unprecedented floods,” City Manager Tommy Gonzalez said. “We have the utmost confidence that our First Responders and partners are unified to help our friends and families across Southeastern Texas.”

The Texas Division of Emergency Management asked El Paso’s OEM to assist with housing evacuees. OEM is coordinating with all appropriate agencies to be ready to house victims from the catastrophic floods. Should evacuees arrive, they will be relocated to appropriate shelter(s). The arrival of evacuees has not yet been confirmed.

The American Red Cross and Salvation Army are working with OEM to set up the shelter(s). OEM is coordinating with the El Paso Independent School District to provide education services, if necessary.

The City’s Health Department 2-1-1 call takers are assisting through the 2-1-1 Texas Information and Referral Network (TIRN), which receives calls from throughout the state.

Flights to and from Houston have been cancelled for today. Travelers should contact their airline directly for flight information. Flight information for the El Paso International Airport is available at

EPISD Superintendent Releases Statement on Aid to Possible Evacuees in El Paso

Statement from EPISD and Superintendent Juan E. Cabrera regarding aid to Hurricane Harvey evacuees in El Paso:

The El Paso Independent School District stands ready to aid in the relief of evacuees impacted by Hurricane Harvey coming into the El Paso region.

“EPISD and El Paso have a strong tradition of service and humanitarian aid, and our schools and employees are ready to do their part in helping displaced Texans,” Cabrera said. “We’ve taught our students to lead with character, and now it’s our turn show what this means. EPISD will lend a hand and help those affected by Harvey during their toughest time.”

Superintendent Juan Cabrera has spoken with Mayor Dee Margo and City Manager Tommy Gonzalez to offer education and housing services to any children and families that arrive in El Paso as a result of the evacuation.

Cabrera said the District is ready to provide buses for the transportation of families and hire certified substitutes to provide instructional services to displaced school-aged children.

City Activates Emergency Operations Center, ‘Potential’ for 1500 Houston Evacuees

Late Sunday, the El Paso City-County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) activated its Emergency Operations Center to prepare for the potential to receive 1,500 evacuees from Houston due to extreme flooding from Hurricane Harvey.

“Our hearts and thoughts during this catastrophe are with our fellow Texans, especially those in Houston. Our City Manager has kept me updated on the incoming requests. We have activated our Emergency Operations Center to provide relief and support to those in need,” said Mayor Dee Margo.

The request came through the Texas Division of Emergency Management. OEM is coordinating with all the appropriate agencies. Should evacuees arrive they will be relocated to an appropriate shelter(s). At this point, El Paso is preparing to house evacuees but their arrival has not yet been confirmed.

“We stand ready to assist our neighbors and have full confidence in our First Responders, City staff and partners to assist with this state disaster,” City Manager Tommy Gonzalez said. “El Paso has always been a very welcoming community and should it be necessary, we are prepared to receive our guests as family.”

City Departments are mobilized and will track all costs. Red Cross is the lead in setting up all the logistics for all shelters.

Additionally, the El Paso Fire Department through the Texas Taskforce 1 has sent six divers and a rescue boat to assist in Houston.


Cornyn Issues Statement Following Landfall of Hurricane Harvey

AUSTIN—U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) Saturday released the following statement after Hurricane Harvey made landfall along the Texas Gulf Coast:

“Our Texas communities affected by this severe hurricane continue to be in my prayers, as are the first responders and emergency personnel who are working around the clock. The threat posed by Harvey is extreme, and Texans should continue to heed the warnings of local officials and emergency personnel.

“My staff and I will remain in close contact with FEMA, the Governor’s office, and local officials in impacted areas as Texas continues to endure this dangerous storm. Thank you to all Texans who will be helping those in need in the days and weeks ahead.”

Senator Cornyn’s website will be updated with the most current information on available shelters, state assistance, federal disaster assistance, and other resources.

Senator Cornyn was briefed by the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Brock Long, and the Chief of the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM), Nim Kidd, on Thursday about storm preparations.

Texas Guardsmen Mobilize in Support of Hurricane Harvey

AUSTIN – At the request of Gov. Greg Abbott, through the Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM), approximately 700 members with the Texas Army and Air National Guards and Texas State Guard with the Texas Military Department have been activated and are pre-positioning throughout the state ahead of Hurricane Harvey and its anticipated landfall later this week.

“This is what we train for,” said Brig. Gen. Patrick M. Hamilton, Commander of Domestic Operations Task Force. “And we’re proud to stand beside our civilian partners, first responders and volunteers to serve the citizens of Texas.”

The Texas Military Department will continue to work with TDEM to project additional personnel and equipment requirements as needed based on the impact of Hurricane Harvey and the needs of the state. Hurricane Harvey is the first hurricane to make a direct landfall on the Texas coast since 2008.

“This is Texans helping Texans – neighbors helping neighbors,” Hamilton said. “While we don’t want to have to put our training to the test during a tragedy, our citizen-guardsmen remain prepared to help save lives and property, when called.”

Currently, UH-60 Blackhawk and UH-72 Lakota air crews remain prepositioned and on standby in Austin and San Antonio to assist with any emergency search and rescue, swift water rescues and/or emergency evacuations.

In addition, multiple Texas Army National ground transportation teams have been activated to support local and state agencies with any request for swift water rescues, high water ground transportation and personnel evacuation needs. They remain prepositioned in Victoria and College Station with other locations expected as the storm track becomes clearer.

Members of the Texas State Guard are mobilized to provide any local shelter operations and Electronic Tracking Network assistance in the affected counties.

Additional personnel remain on standby to respond to impacted areas as needed.

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