• October 23, 2021

Tags : international space museum

NM Museum of Space History To Host ‘Taking the Plunge:

Before it took a fiery dive into Jupiter’s atmosphere, the Galileo spacecraft sent back pictures and data that rewrote our understanding of the largest planet in the solar system and its gaggle of moons (including a few that might harbor life). On Friday, September 7, Museum Education Director Dave Dooling will host the monthly Launch […]Read More

NM Museum of Space History Hosts Warehouse 1402 Behind the

The Tularosa Basin is known for its natural beauty, the white sands of gypsum and the space program. Wait a minute – the space program? To find out more about how the white sands and rockets go together, the public is invited to the Warehouse 1402 program Space and the Tularosa Basin. On Saturday, March […]Read More

NM Museum of Space History Hosts Lecture “We’re Gonna Do

Space exploration is a risky business and over the years NASA has dealt with a variety of scenarios that show just how dangerous it is. Can astronauts be rescued? What about the combined U.S./Soviet rescue mission concept and how would the Apollo Soyuz Test Project have fit into that? Have you heard of SAFER – […]Read More

NASA Chooses Alamogordo to Host NM’s First K-12 Space Station

Alamogordo students are getting a once in a lifetime opportunity to talk with astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS) on February 21. NASA selected the New Mexico Museum of Space History, in conjunction with the Alamogordo School District and the New Mexico School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, to host a downlink from […]Read More

NM Museum of Space History Features Free Lecture on Shuttle

Fifteen years ago, the world was rocked when disaster befell the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia. After 27 missions, the Columbia disintegrated upon re-entry on February 1, 2003, killing all seven crew members. The entire Shuttle fleet was grounded for more than two years while teams of experts worked to make sure more safety […]Read More

NM Museum of Space History to Host ‘Holidays in Space

The New Mexico Museum of Space History says that the holidays aren’t over yet.  As celebrations with family and friends here on Earth are in full swing, it might be nice to think about what our astronauts are doing and how they celebrate. Who made a Christmas tree out of cans? Who dressed up like […]Read More

Free December Launch Pad Lecture: Running Around the World –

It’s that time of year when people are thinking about all the great holiday food they’ll be enjoying and how they’re going to get rid of those extra calories. Astronauts have to watch their waistlines too, and exercise regularly to prevent bone and muscle loss along with maintaining their cardiovascular health. But exercising in space […]Read More

Space Museum Re-accredited by American Alliance of Museums

The New Mexico Museum of Space History is pleased to announce that it has been formally re-accredited by the American Alliance of Museums, continuing a tradition of excellence for more than 24 years. The Museum was first accredited by the AAM in 1993, and has remained in good standing since. For nearly 50 years, the […]Read More

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