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Friday , December 14 2018
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TxDoT, GO10 Closures for Week of September 10th

From 3 am Sunday morning to 6am Monday, I-10 Westbound at Executive Center was closed to allow Go10 crews to complete work on the westbound lanes; for almost 27 hours crews labored to finish the task.

By early Monday morning, motorists will find themselves driving on all-new I-10 westbound lanes between Executive Center and Sunland Park.

The old westbound lanes will remain closed for refurbishment.

GO10 officals say one of the most commonly asked question is will westbound drivers finally have access to shoulders between Executive and Sunland?

Answer: Not yet. You can expect to have more elbow room due to wider lanes, but full shoulders will not be available until the old lanes and the new lanes are both open.

I-10 West @ Executive


Full Closure

All Day, 27 Hours

Sunday, Sept. 10

3 am to 6 am the next day



·      I-10 West will close completely between Executive Center (Exit 16) and Sunland Park.

·      The left lane on I-10 East will close between Executive Center (Exit 16) and the Asarco Bridge.

Detour:  Traffic on I-10 West will be detoured at the Executive Exit (Exit 16), onto North Mesa St, then to Sunland Park Dr where they may re-enter I-10 West.


Major Operation: Crews are planning to shift I-10 Westbound traffic onto all-new I-10 westbound lanes.


Sunland Overnight

Sunday, Sept. 10

9 pm to 6 am the next morning


The Sunland Park Entrance Ramp to I-10 Eastbound (in front of the Shamaley car dealership) will close.





This closure is scheduled to open at 4 pm Sunday, Sept. 17


The right through-lane on North Mesa Street (SH 20, eastbound) – in the direction moving toward Remcon Circle – will close between Osborne Drive and the I-10 Westbound Exit Ramp.


I-10 West @ Sunland


Full Closure

Four Nights

Sept. 11-14

9 pm each night to 6 am each morning


·      I-10 Eastbound will close completely between the North Mesa Exit Ramp (Exit 11) and the Sunland Park Overpass.

·      I-10 Westbound will close completely between the Sunland Park Exit Ramp (Exit 13) and the Sunland Park Entrance Ramp.

·      A portion of the Sunland Park Entrance Ramp to I-10 Eastbound (in front of the Shamaley car dealership) will close.

·      The Resler Flyover Entrance Ramp to I-10 East will close.

·      Sunland Park Overpass at I-10 will close in both directions only on Monday and Tuesday, Sept. 11 and 12.



–       I-10 Eastbound traffic will exit at North Mesa (Exit 11), then take North Mesa Street (SH 20) to Sunland Park Drive. Vehicles may re-enter I-10 East using the Sunland Flyover Entrance Ramp.


–       I-10 Westbound traffic will exit at Sunland Park (Exit 13) and immediately re-enter I-10 West at the next entrance ramp.


Follow the detour signs in place.


Bordertown Undergroun Show 728