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Tuesday , November 13 2018
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TNTM: Zia Comics Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) 2017

Zia Comics is hosting Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) again in 2017. FCBD is always the first Saturday in May. It is a day where all participating comic book stores have special comic books available to customers at no charge, that’s right…FREE!

Zia Comics has had to allow only a set number of people in the store at a time due to fire codes. This resulted in cramped space inside the store and long waiting lines outside. We were faced with two possible solutions. 1) We could downsize the FCBD event so that it fit comfortably inside the confines of the store or 2) Find a bigger venue to host our FCBD. We opted for choice #2.

May 6, 2017, Zia Comics Free Comic Book Day will be at the Mesilla Valley Mall. This allowed us to not only not go smaller, but we actually increased all the stuff we can do for FCBD. We are bringing in two current DC Comic artists, Brett Booth & Norm Rapmund. We are bringing in a load of local talent such as Jaime Carrillo, Charles Ben Jones, Andy Perez, Dan Klimut, Juan Muro, Daniel Campo, Ray Ramos

We are bringing in cosplayers Ginny Di & Christina Dark.

Military Gamer Supply will be there with some of their gaming goodness.

Dave & Buster’s of El Paso will be there giving out all kinds of swag. I’ve heard a rumor there will be Power Cards to be had as well.

The Vhe’rang Clan of Mandalorian Mercs Star Wars costuming club will be in attendance. Hopefully some of the 501st Legion Vader’s Fist will be able to make it. The R2 Builders Club will be represented by a working R2-D2 droid.

Las Cruces Comic Con will be there with some freebies… including Friday night preview passes.

Oh yea, there will be lots and lots of FREE comics (limited to 3 per person while supplies last). Mark your calendar and hope to see you there.

**Poster artwork is courtesy of Andy Perez

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TNTM: Zia Comics Free Comic Book Day 2017

Free Comic Book Day has outgrown the confines of Zia Comics. We had to find a bigger location to accommodate all the folks wanting to get free comics and see the entertainment we have for that day.

The Mesilla Valley Mall graciously agreed to host Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) 2017. They gave us a lot of room to work with and we plan on filling it all with nerdy goodness.

We are bringing in 2 current DC Comics artists. Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund are working on the Titans Rebirth title. Titans has been the focal point for most of the big happenings so far in the Rebirth initiative.

Local artists Jaime Carrillo, Ben Jones, Juan Muro, Dan Klimut, and Andy Perez will be set up to meet and greet all comic book fans.

Local cosplayers Ginny Di and Christina Dark will be there decked out in one of their amazing costumes.

Military Gamer Supply will be demoing the Virtual Reality machines, Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulators, and general board/card games.

Dave & Buster’s of El Paso will be handing out all kinds of cool swag.

The Vhe’rang Clan of Mandalorian Mercs Star Wars costuming group will be patrolling the area to keep everyone safe. A working R2-D2 will be wheeling around also.

Oh yeah, and there will be lots of FREE COMICS!

Zia Comics

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Jaime Carrillo interview

Jack and Troy talk with THE Jaime Carrillo about his artwork and what inspires him. We find his secret identity when he is not creating breathtaking pieces of art, his favorite comic character, and what comic artist he enjoys.

Jaime Carrillo has done work for Marvel, Upper Deck, Heavy Metal Magazine, Wizards of the Coast (Dungeons and Dragons), Fantasy Flight Games (Warhammer, Chaosium, and Game of Thrones), and numerous independent gaming companies and magazines.

Middle school math teach by day, prolific comic book artist by night, native El Pasoan Jaime Carrillo leads a lift of distinct polar opposites much like your common comic book super hero. Instead of donning a mask and cape, Jaime transforms into his alter ego with the aid of his oil paints and the enterprising story lines concocted by his sister and business partner, Elena Carrillo.

Together they created “Here There Be Monsters” press. Over the years they have released epic tales like “Eleison”, “The Orchard”, “Jack”, and “The Resurrectionist”. “The Resurrectionist” is a gritty werewolf tale set in Antebellum America. They are both passionate about history and extravagant myths.  This explains why each of their releases are noir fantasies steeped in historical backgrounds ranging from the Knights Templar to the Civil War.

Carrillo is not a formally trained artist.  Other than a few art classes he is completely self-taught.  He does meet with his mentor once a year at San Diego Comic Con.  “Every year he pretty much rips my portfolio to pieces,” Jaime says.  “He shows me where I could refine my work a little more and teaches me new methods.”

Please note, this is a remastered and edited episode from back in 2015. The original footage was found in the archives so we decided to make this a more coherent and enjoyable clip for your viewing pleasure.

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