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Monday , March 25 2019
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Video: Daily Nerd Brief October 1 2018

All the Nerdy News that is fit to know for Monday!


Jake Gyllenhaal is Mysterio in Spider-man Far From Home


Jean Grey joins X-Force
Wonder Woman gives Lasso of Submission to Artemis
Upside Down Man finds magic inside Wonder Woman
Judge Dredd co-creator, Carlos Ezquerra, passed away at age 70


Aquaman action figures on pre-order for November availability
Goku and Freeza Adidas shoes sell out

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TNTM Predator vs Judge Dredd vs Aliens

Do you like Judge Dredd?  How about Predator?  Are Aliens more of your thing?  If you are like me and you enjoy all three franchises you will want to check out this new title from Darkhorse Comics.

This ultimate science-fiction crossover pits the legendary lawman Judge Dredd against the universe’s supreme hunters, the Predators, as they both try to survive an onslaught by the galaxy’s ultimate killing machines, the Aliens!

Dark Horse recently revealed their plans to join up with IDW and 2000AD to bring these three iconic characters together starting July 27. Christened Predator vs. Judge Dredd vs. Aliens, the series will be written by John Layman (Chew) with art by Chris Mooneyham (Predator: Fire and Stone) and cover by celebrated Preacher artist Glenn Fabry. Dark Horse’s official press release describes the upcoming futuristic showdown:

“Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson have tracked a criminal cult across the Cursed Earth and into the Alabama morass, where a mad genetic scientist with destructive designs has acquired the best genes that evolution has to offer—a xenomorph skull! A Predator, attracted to the warm climate and superior prey, has declared hunting season as he calls for backup. All paths will cross in a mind-blowing sci-fi showdown with the fate of the Earth at stake!”

Writer John Layman admits to being a huge fan of both series and that this crossover is “the sort of concept that would have Teenage John Layman wetting his pants with excitement.” While discussing the book he dove into the premise of the new series, revealing the fun twist which kicks off the limited run:

“We open the book with a crash landed predator. Instead of being the hunter as usual, the predator is the prey. He’s crash landed in a jungle overgrowth in the middle of the Cursed Earth. He is pursued by an Island of Dr. Moreau group of man-animal hybrids, creations of a crazed genetic engineer. And this crazed scientist recovers not just the predator, but some of the predator’s hunting trophies—including a Xenomorph skull and the Xenomorph’s DNA contained therein. You can probably see where this is headed but add to it Dredd chasing the robot leader of an apocalypse death cult and everybody on a collision course. Then s*** gets nuts!”

Layman admits his money is on Dredd to win this fight, but he promises to put him and his world through a lot of hell first.  Having all 3 of these characters together in one book promises to be a great story.  I only wish there was a way to bring Robocop into the fold.  John Layman has proven his story-telling ability with Chew, so I am looking forward to this title.

TNTM Judge Dredd new series discussion

Jack and Troy from geek out about the possibility of a new Judge Dredd series being on one of the streaming services (Netflix, Amazon, etc).

Judge Dredd is a fictional character created by writer John Wagner and artist Carlos Ezquerra. Judge Dredd first appeared in the second issue of 2000 AD (1977), a weekly science-fiction anthology. He is that magazine’s longest-running character.

Joseph Dredd is a law enforcement officer in the dystopian future city of Mega-City One in North America. He is a “street judge” empowered to summarily arrest, convict, sentence, and execute criminals.

Senior Judge Joseph Dredd and his brother Rico Dredd were cloned from the DNA of Chief Judge Fargo, the first chief judge, in 2066. Their growth was artificially accelerated to an apparent physiological age of 5. They had all the appropriate knowledge for their age electronically implanted in their brains during gestation. The name ‘Dredd’ was chosen by the genetic scientist who created them, Morton Judd, to “instill fear in the population”.

As cadets during Atomic Wars of 2070, they were temporarily made full Judges to restore order to the panic-stricken streets. They were chosen to take part in assaulting the White House when the Justice Department deposed President Booth. They were fast-tracked through the Academy of Law. Joseph graduated second in the class of 2079, while Rico came first. Later that year Joseph was forced to arrest Rico for murder and corruption. Twenty years later when Rico sought revenge after serving a 20 year sentence, Joe was forced to shoot him in self-defense.

Joe Dredd excelled as a judge, rapidly gaining promotion to the rank of senior judge. Offered the opportunity to become chief judge in 2101, Dredd declined. He preferred to serve on the streets enforcing the law. On several occasions he saved his city from conquest or destruction by powerful enemies. In 2114 he saved the entire world during the Fourth World War.

Although Dredd holds his duty above every other priority, this devotion is not blind. On two occasions (in 2099 and 2112) Dredd resigned from the force on points of principle. He returned to the force both times. In 2113, Dredd insisted that the Justice Department gamble its very existence on a referendum to prove its legitimacy. In 2116 he risked 20 years imprisonment with hard labor when he challenged the policy of a chief judge. In 2129 he threatened to resign to persuade another chief judge to change the city’s harsh anti-mutant apartheid laws.

After fifty years of active service Dredd’s career may be drawing to a close. In 2130, he was diagnosed with cancer of the duodenum, though it was benign. In 2132 Dredd was appointed to the Council of Five, Mega-City One’s highest governing body. He served on the Council of Five for two years.

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