• June 14, 2021

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Video – Only in El Paso/Season 5: The History of

“The History of Duranguito” highlights the rich and colorful history of Duranguito as well as some of the passionate people who love it. If you are surprised by tidbits like that El Paso was once home to the largest Chinatown in Texas, then this episode is for you! The History of Duranguito is produced by Tony […]Read More

Video – Only in El Paso / Season 5: Comedy

In this week’s episode of Only in El Paso, hear several local comedians talk about their trials and tribulations. Through all the cheers and jeers, open mics, and headliner shows, these comics stick it out for their passion. It’s a familiar story for any aspiring artist or veteran. Directed by Cassius Casillas *** Only in El […]Read More

Video – Only in El Paso / Season 5: Drainage:

“This is what El Paso was to me, and to many others. I know, it’s generational, yet the same dry-throat rebellion is what we’re all familiar with in our own way. This is an essay, a collection of a side of El Paso that is only known by the kids who live it.” Isaac Marquez  […]Read More