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Sunday , October 21 2018
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Letter to the Editor: El Paso News Anchors Recite Creepy Sinclair Propaganda

El Paso TV news anchors, Maese and Dodson from KDBC Channel 4, and Castillo and Holguin from KFox Channel 14, were forced to recite the same creepy Sinclair propaganda message on air last month.

Sinclair Broadcast Group required its journalists to parrot one of President Trump’s most consistent talking points — an allegation that the mainstream media cannot be trusted. These video segments are now being slammed as “hostage” videos and amount to no more than a corporate piece of propaganda.  Sinclair’s claim of balanced reporting is now totally undermined by its own ‘must-run segments.’ This is dangerous to our democracy.

Our local stations are also required to run right-wing commentary segments, including segments by former Trump advisers. Sinclair uses their platforms to push their own bias and agenda to control ‘exactly what people think.’

Our free press is sacrosanct to who we are as a people and is the cornerstone of our democracy. We, the people, are not okay with this. We hold our institutions dear and we depend on our local news to give us honest, unbiased news. Saying that you are giving us professional honest reporting while spewing a propaganda message parroted across the country by brainwashed cult members bashing the first amendment is the exact opposite of that. They have lost my confidence and have lost me as a viewer.

Alison Minish-Ford


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