• June 19, 2021

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El Paso PRIDEFest Celebrates 10 Years with Parties, Events and

With events scheduled from Wet N Wild in the West to a PRIDE Night with the Chihuahuas to a downtown parade and party, El Paso Sun City Pride‘s annual PRIDEFest is truly an community event. Carlos Salais, EPSCP’s Parade Director says the blossoming of the event year to year, shows the city’s progress. “El Paso […]Read More

Report: Passing Anti-LGBT Bill Could Cost Texas Billions

Some state leaders are prioritizing a so-called anti-LGBT bathroom bill for the upcoming session of the Legislature, but a new report warns that passage could cost Texas billions of dollars and thousands of jobs. The Texas Association of Business has released a study pointing out that the backlash from passing a bill forcing people to […]Read More

The Lone Star State Must be Open to Business for

Technology is an engine for economic growth, and talent is its fuel. Much like oil, capital or prime real estate, talent is a limited resource for which companies compete. However, with a shortage of science, technology, engineering, and math graduates and a recovering economy, the tech community in Texas is locked in a war for […]Read More

Post-Election, What Lies Ahead for LGBT Rights?

NEW YORK – There could be some trouble for LGBT rights during the Trump presidency. Donald Trump has said he would like to overturn national same-sex marriage rights, and as Indiana’s governor, Mike Pence championed what some saw as extreme anti-LGBT measures. According to Lambda Legal’s Deputy Legal Director and General Counsel Haley Gorenberg, there […]Read More