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Lincoln student completes prestigious national leadership program

Coronado High rising freshman Katie Kimberlin is already getting a jump on her leadership skills and community service activities.

The former Lincoln Warrior is among 69 students from throughout the state who successfully completed membership in Education in Action’s 2019-20 Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council for the second year. Lincoln principal Haidi Appel nominated Katie for the program and has seen how it has allowed her to grow as a leader.

“Katherine Kimberlin is an amazing student.  She exemplifies everything we would want to see in a student especially at our IB campus,” Appel said. “She has a heart of gold and really cares about people and the world around her.”

Katie received training at the organization’s Lone Star Leadership Academy summer camp, then created the Warrior Cheer Camp service project to benefit children in her community.

“This project was chosen as a fun activity to expand on our current skills and to inspire the students at Mitzi Bond Elementary to want to join the cheer team at the new Don Haskins School,” said Katie, who will made Coronado’s JV cheer team. “It was also a great way to expand our leadership skills and celebrate the last of the Lincoln Warriors with the future Sun Bears, as our campus will be changing from a middle school to a K-8 campus next year.”

The two-day cheer camp was developed with two of Katie’s cheer teammates from Lincoln Middle School. Together, they taught the elementary students how to warm-up and stretch, different cheer motions, a cheer and a dance. The camp culminated in a final performance.

“The girls are amazing,” said Bond teacher Cristy Dore. “They’re so patient and great teachers.”

Katie had planned to become a Youth Facilitator at a Lonestar Leadership Camp this year but with COVID-19 cancelling the summer camp, she hopes to take on the role next summer and continue developing her leadership skills.

“The program has helped me learn my strengths as a leader and how to overcome challenges with teamwork,” she said.

Story by Reneé De Santos – EPISD

Barça Bound: Lincoln student invited to train with FC Barcelona

The soccer skills of Lincoln seventh-grader Andrea Ramirez caught the eye of recruiters from the world-renowned F.C. Barcelona during a summer camp in Dallas and now the athlete is headed to Spain next week to train with their coaches.

Ramirez was named the goalie most valuable player in her age and gender division during the camp, which lead to the Barça invitation. She will join MVPs from throughout the country at the camp in Europe.

While there, she will breathe and live soccer with girls from the U.S. and Spain.

“I like the intensity of the game and like that I’m going to get to meet girls from different parts of the world,” she said. “I hope to get more experience and more knowledge about my position. I also want to see their different styles of play.”

Ramirez began her soccer career at age 4, playing on a church team in Dallas and progressed to club ball play for the El Paso Cosmos FC in 2014.

She wasn’t always the goalie but she had expressed interest in the position to avoid the constant running involved in playing left and right wing. When the team goalie didn’t show one day, she jumped in without hesitation.

“I don’t really like running. I get tired a lot and run really differently so I was like ‘I want to play goalie,’” she said. “And then it turns out, I was really good at it.”

Her goalie coach Javier McDonald, president of El Paso Cosmos FC, attributes her success to her talent and drive to put in hours of extra work after games and regular practices to really hone her skills.

“Andrea takes this very seriously,” McDonald said. “Since May, I’ve seen her explode – becoming a great player. Where others may play for fun or recreation, Andrea is dedicated and focused on what she’s doing in soccer. It’s been a priority.”

The camp will be held at the Barcelona facility, giving the young players a glimpse of the lives of the professionals that walk the field.

“It’s going to be a great opportunity for her not just for soccer but also to learn another culture,” McDonald said.

The goalkeeper plans to continue blocking goals for many years to come. While she plans to pursue higher education, she does hope that someday the United States Women’s National Soccer Team comes calling.

“Because it’s the national team,” she smiled.

Story by Reneé de Santos  |  Photo by Leonel Monroy  –  EPISD

Pet project gives Lincoln student admission to Texas leadership program

Incoming eighth-grader Katie Kimberlin is among 72 outstanding student leaders from throughout the state who earned membership in Education in Action’s 2018-19 Lone Star Leadership Academy Alumni Council.

The Lincoln student received a certificate of merit for her dedication to developing her leadership skills and for her service to the community.

As part of the program, Katie created the service project called “Have a Heart, Help a Pet” that benefits the Humane Society of El Paso.

She enlisted the help from her National Junior Honor Society peers to collect a goal of 50 items for the agency, but the group exceeded expectations bringing in 102 items.

“This experience has allowed me to identify my personal interests, strengths and values,” she said. “I have also learned how to be adaptable and creative because many of my service project plans changed throughout the course of the project. Although there were challenges, I was able to overcome them and successfully complete my service project, which exceeded my original goal.”

Katie participated in a week-long Lone Star Leadership Academy summer camp last year and received leadership training during the school year.

“I am looking forward to attending the Lone Star Leadership Academy this summer in Houston/Galveston and plan on participating in the Alumni Council again next school year,” she said.

“The skills I learned over the last year will help me develop an even more successful service project next year.”

Story by Reneé de Santos   |  Photo courtesy of K. Kimberlin –  EPISD

Video+Story: Lincoln student heads to DC to represent El Paso in 2019 National Spelling Bee

El Paso Regional Bee champ Penny Moore makes sense out of the most difficult words.

Her uncanny ability to memorize words, coupled with her advanced vocabulary and a penchant for picking up hints from each word’s part of speech and language of origin earned the Lincoln seventh-grader a trip to the 2019 Scripps Nationals Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. this weekend.  The bee runs May 26-31.

“I’ve been studying the Round Two study guide and writing down all the words and their definitions so they’re always in my memory,” she said. “I’ve also been studying Latin roots and the roots of other languages so that instead of completely memorizing everything, I’m also learning more about language. That way I have a better chance of spelling correctly a word I don’t know.”

Beginning Monday, Penny will be competing with 565 spellers from all 50 states and foreign countries such as the Bahamas, Canada, Ghana, Jamaica, Japan and South Korea.

She and the other spellers will start with the preliminary test round and then advance to Round 2 on Tuesday. Penny is Speller No. 501 and will compete in Group 5.

Days before heading to nation’s capital, Penny is unfazed by the prestigious competition she faces next week as she vies for up to a $50,000 cash prize.

“I’m not stressed about it because I’m honestly just happy to be there and I’ll be happy for whoever wins. There are lots of kids who study a lot like me and read a lot like me,” she said. “I’ll still do my best and I do still want to win.  I think it would be really great if I did win because I could donate to charity.”

Penny hopes to become the fifth El Paso-area speller to win the national bee since the contest was organized 75 years ago. She has been grooming herself for this chance at the national spotlight.

Well before winning the 2019 El Paso Regional Spelling Bee in March, the seventh-grader had an affinity for spelling.

“When I was little, I would look at a bottle of medicine and think, ‘oh wow, it’s weird how cough is spelled with a g-h at the end,’” she said. “And then when I started kindergarten, I was pretty good at spelling and I didn’t really have trouble on any spelling tests. I always got 100s. I realized that spelling was something that I was strong at.”

Penny’s first school spelling bee competition as a fourth-grader taught her a valuable lesson that she still uses today: ask for a definition when unsure.

“The pronouncer said the word ‘plaza’ and I thought he said ‘plasma,’ so I got the word wrong,” she said, still a bit disappointed. “I spelled the wrong word right.”

The following year, she conquered White Elementary School’s spelling bee with the word ‘centuries’ and has since continued to study and learn words, definitions and origins in her quest to be a top speller. She’s not quite sure what she wants to do when she grows up – lawyer, engineer, or music career seem to pique her interest most. Regardless, she hopes her spelling prowess will give her an edge with whatever career she chooses.

“I could possibly even become a teacher because if I have ease at spelling words and I enjoy doing it,” she said. “Then that could be something I spread to other people.”

Story by Reneé de Santos   |  Photo by Leonel Monroy – EPISD

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