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Saturday , November 17 2018
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Line Cutters Rejoice! Planning and Inspections, Public Health Departments Launch CityQ

On Monday, the City of El Paso announced the launch of CityQ, an online application to eliminate lines and reduce wait times for customers.

The customer service app allows residents to schedule appointments or join a virtual queue from on-site kiosks, at the City’s website, or from mobile phones.

Once in the queue, users will receive updates via texts reminding them of their place in line and predicted wait time.

CityQ is available at the One Stop Shop for over the counter permits, business licenses, trade permits, appointments with Plans Examiners and more. Kiosks are available in the lobby of the One Stop Shop or, for more information, visit their website.

Appointments for food safety, the sexual health clinic, and immunizations at the Public Health Department at 5115 El Paso Drive can also be made using CityQ. Kiosks are available in the lobby. More information can be found online.