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Thursday , November 15 2018
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Three-Peat & Back-to-Back! GISD Students Dominate National Spanish Spelling Championship

Maria del Sol Nunez-Pena, 8th grader from Chaparral Middle School, continued the dominance of Gadsden ISD Spanish spellers after she became back-to-back National Spanish Spelling Champion winning the 8th annual competition.

She is the third back to back National Spelling Bee Champion from Gadsden school district.

Del Sol Nunez-Pena won in 2017 and now 2018; Andres Arreola in 2014 and 2015, and Judith Villa 2013 and 2012.  Gadsden ISD students have won 7 of the 8 national contests and GISD champion who won has also repeated as national champion.

The Chaparral Middle School student competed against 43 spellers from 11 states in a grueling five hour competition  that she won by spelling the word “anaerobiosis”  which means life in the absence of air or free oxygen.

The competition was held Saturday, July 14 in San Antonio College.