• May 16, 2021

Tags : Marvel Comics

VLog: TNTM’s Troy reviews Marvel Comics Silk #2

Cindy Moon aka Silk, has been a character I have been wanting to see more of ever since her debut. They just need to get a good story or an iconic villain for her and I think she will break into the mainstream. I think she may be on the right track this time. Publishers […]Read More

VLog: TNTM’s Troy reviews Marvel Comics DarkHawk – Heart of

Darkhawk first appeared in a self titled series from 1991-1995. The main character, Chris Powell, witnessed his policeman father accept a bribe from a crime boss at an abandoned amusement park. While there he discovered an amulet that allowed him to switch places with an android located in another dimension known as Null Space that […]Read More

VLog: TNTM’s Troy reviews Marvel Comics Silk #1

Silk (Cindy Moon) is a great character from the Spider-man family. In fact, she was bitten by the same radioactive spider that turned Peter Parker into Spider-man. Silk’s path was much different than Peter’s though. I’ve always felt Silk was a very underrated and misused character. Here’s to hoping this new mini-series does her character […]Read More

VLog: TNTM’s Troy New Comic Book Day reviews

New Comic Book Day happens every Wednesday. That is when all the new titles from all the publishers hit the shelves. There are so many new comics each week, sometimes it is hard to pick which ones to pick up. Let me try to help you a little with these new comics I grabbed, read, […]Read More

VLog: TNTM talks Marvel Comics Mutant Bordello – The X

Little known fact, Marvel Comics actually had a brothel in Nevada that employed mutants. The mutants that worked there had particular abilities that allowed them to give clients their ultimate pleasure without actually making physical contact with them. This brothel is only mentioned in a handful of issues. Since there was no actual physical contact […]Read More

Podcast: TNTM – Keith Champagne interview

Keith is a 1994 graduate of the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art. He has been working in the comic book industry ever since. Keith has done everything from writing, inking, pencilling, and art for comic books for most of the big publishers. He has even run successful Kickstarter campaigns for his creator […]Read More