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Monday , November 12 2018
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Video: Yo Soy Matachin-The Religious Heritage of Music & Dance | KCOS: Only in El Paso

With rain, sun, snow, wind they dance and don’t stop. The reeds, the rattles, the drums; the multi-colored moments join our two cities together. Desert souls, when they dance to God, they can’t find any border. Matachines en San Lorenzo by Armando Rodríguez


The Web Series
Only In El Paso, launched in the summer of 2014 with 10 digital videos sharing stories of people and places you can experience only in El Paso. Each episode tells a unique and positive story about someone or something that can be experienced Only In El Paso. Local filmmakers and topics are selected through a competitive process.
Now in its third season, KCOS is excited to share even more stories of local history, culture, arts, and personalities of our region.