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Thursday , February 21 2019
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Video+Story: El Paso ISD Students Present TED Ed Talks

Several EPISD campuses delved into the TED-Ed Clubs this school year, exploring and learning to express their passion through talks. The campuses came together last week for a district-wide TED-Ed Club talk and community presentation at CCTE.

“TED-Ed helps kids develop their confidence in speaking to an audience, develop their ideas and express their ideas,” said Karen Blaine, Chief Academic and Innovation Officer. “This not only prepares for skills they will need in the future, it gives them a place at school to express their passions.”

051817TEDEd244 copy 2Campus participating in the program are: Barron, Cielo Vista, Coldwell, Guerrero, Mesita, Newman and Tom Lea elementary schools; Armendariz, Lincoln, Morehead and Richardson middle schools; Coronado High School and Silva Health Magnet.

“It’s really fun,” said Mathew Hernandez, a Schuster 5th grader. “I think it’s a great idea. You get to express what you feel with the world.”

 The talks included a wide variety of topics including bullying, body image, post traumatic stress disorder and being a good friend.

“I think this is very important because it teaches them that if they have a great idea, their voice matters, too,” said Schuster teacher Stormy Daniels.

Collaboration is key to TED-Ed Club talks. In TED-Ed Clubs, students work together to discuss and celebrate creative ideas. Club leaders051817TEDEd103 copy 2 receive TED-Ed’s flexible Clubs curriculum to guide their school’s club and to help inspire tomorrow’s TED speakers and leaders.

 “I may have a great idea but not speak very well and might need a friend help me articulate it better or make my presentation using technology,” Daniels said. My role has been to guide them and help them with the opportunity. It’s their ideas, they research and the parts they liked they went for.”

District officials and the area TED Ed representative are encouraged by the students’ collaborations and talks. The clubs, which began in EPISD at the beginning of the school year, is open to any campus interested in participating.

“We’re pleased with the response and how the clubs have taken off in such a short time,” Blaine said.

El Paso ISD Destination Imagination Teams Headed to State

Creative thinkers at Burges and Coronado high schools earned top honors in their respective categories in the regional Destination Imagination competition, earning them a spot at state April 7-8 in Lubbock.

Burges and Coronado were among a dozen EPISD schools competing at the regional Destination Imagination competition last week at Eastlake High School. Burnet, Cielo Vista, Coldwell, Cooley, Douglass, Mesita, Polk, Whitaker, Zavala elementary schools and Magoffin Middle School also competed.

For Burges, going to state has become a tradition. They have been at least 13 times. The Mustang team won for Challenge B: Scientific Challenge Top Secret.

“Destination Imagination is a creative problem solving competition,” said coach James Towle. “Students act, sing, and dance, design and create costumes, design and build sets, write scripts, practice improve skills, learn and incorporate mechanical, technological, and chemical engineering, learn how to budget, and build their teamwork skills.”

A student of Towle’s once described the competition as “all of the elective classes on your campus built into one.”

Coronado’s Nadine Rivas calls DI an “international creative thinking group.”

“We do a lot of creative problem solving in DI,” Rivas said. “Our team had to write and act out a short skit which showed the repercussions of the color ‘pink’ disappearing.”

This is Coronado’s first venture to state, where they are competing in the fine arts challenge “Vanished.”

Finishing second in their respective challenges were teams from Cielo Vista and Douglas elementary schools. Mesita’s engineering team took third place in their challenge.

Coldwell received the Spirit of Discovery and Imagination Award for outstanding spirit, teamwork, volunteerism and sportsmanship.

“The recipients of this award are the ones who go out of their way to help others, making sacrifices not for themselves, but to give something to someone else,” said Julie Witte, a Guillen Middle School teacher who coordinates DI.

Burges High School also received the Renaissance Award for outstanding design, engineering, execution and performance.

According to DI organizers, “the Renaissance Award recognizes those who demonstrate extraordinary amounts of effort and preparation in their solutions or outstanding skill in engineering, design or performance. While the destination is creativity, these fellow travelers make the journey itself memorable.”

World Expo Showcases Mesita, Wiggs Programs

The sounds of the Wiggs Middle orchestra greeted the students and parents that attended the first World Expo event at Mesita Elementary School.

The Expo gave Mesita and Wiggs the opportunity to highlight programs like Connecting Worlds, Widening Our World, the Mandarin Enrichment and others that have made the two schools popular among parents in the region.

“We thought this was a great opportunity to showcase what is going on at our school as far as programs, activities within and beyond the curriculum, as well as what will happen when the students attend Wiggs. This is a shared team effort,” Mesita Principal Laila Farris said.

unnamed (17)The Connecting Worlds/Mundos Unidos program emphasizes the importance of a dual language education by providing dual language for all students, not just English Language Learners.

“We believe dual language is important for every child who wished to be bilingual and bi-literate,” Farris said. “This is Mesita’s nineteenth year offering dual language to our community.”

Students also have the opportunity to learn Chinese through the school’s Mandarin Enrichment Program, which is only available at Mesita.

“It is important for the students to learn about different cultures, and in the world lots of people speak Chinese,” Mandarin teacher Sonia Chang said. “In the beginning we learn basic vocabulary and then I teach them sounds. Once they can do the sounds, they learn Chinese quickly.”

Chang doesn’t just teach students about the languages but the culture as well. She taught the students about Qingming Festival, whichunnamed (16) closely resembles the Mexican holiday of the Day of the Dead.

“Every year the Chinese people go to the cemetery to worship their ancestors by bringing fresh flowers and food,” Chang said.

An important part of the Qingming is flying kites, so the students at Mesita will have the opportunity to make their very own Chinese kites and fly them at school next week.

Active Learning Leader Lourdes Sianez also incorporates hands-on activities to better immerse students in different cultures.

“Sometimes the kids aren’t aware of what is out there, and it is our job as teachers to teach them as part of their education to expose them to these different things,” Sianez said. “Yes, they can read a book or article about something but it’s not until they are actually in it trying to do something like art or dance that they really capture the information.”

Besides fine arts and language Mesita and Wiggs emphasized the importance of STEM related programs and clubs, like Destination Imagination, robotics and the chess club.

Fifth-grade student Demetrio Gonzalez competed at state for through the Destination Imagination program after he placed at regionals. Although he didn’t place at state, he feels the experience has helped him grow as a student and person.

“Destination Imagination really helps build the creativity of kids by challenging them,” Demetrio said. “It’s a very fun program.”

STEP 728
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