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Monday , January 21 2019
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Video+Gallery+Story: Father, Son Dive Into Custom Water Designs

Among the many hats I wear, I have an artist hat. My grandmother, Josephine Zimmerman, was a painter. She created some of the most amazing pieces I’ve ever seen. As a child, she taught my sister and I how to paint.

She also taught me that art comes in many different shapes, styles, and mediums. I’ve just added a new medium to what I consider art.

Not too long ago I met with two very amazing and talented individuals, Miguel Mercado of Ocean Gallery USA and Dorian Construction and his son, Dorian (yes, the company is named after Dorian).

What these two do is nothing short of art.

“We build custom Laguna pools, outdoor living environments, custom kitchens, waterfalls,” said Miguel. “Ocean Gallery USA does custom aquariums, bubble walls, water walls.”

When I met with Miguel and Dorian, it was at the site of their latest job, a backyard pool that has not only waterfalls but an enclosed jacuzzi tub that sits under another waterfall.

What they’ve done, at this house, is amazing! But, as Miguel said, that’s not all they do.

“Just recently, in the past four years, we’ve developed and produced a reality show that we’ve had playing on our social media page, and on some local paid programming,” said Miguel.

In fact, people have confused their show with an actual television show. That led to the show being rated by Nielsen, just as any other TV show would have been.

“We really pride ourselves on doing, one, very unique work, Said Dorian. “And, two, work that we like to put our name on. So, when we thought of the idea of showing the people of what we do, what we can offer, and what they can have in their yard, we jumped on it.”

They are friends with Wade King, from the television show Tanked. Over the last twenty years, Wade has shown them how to build tanks, and from they evolved.

“The TV show we created about five years ago,” said Miguel. “We started off with aquariums; then we learned how to do bubble walls, water walls. Then we evolved into pools, learning how to hand carve rock.”

The show they’ve produced has not only found a home online but may soon find a home on television sets across America!

“We sent the clip to a bunch of production companies,” says Miguel. “BST TV came done from New York.”

“When they came down, they asked a few questions, took some video of us,” said Dorian. “They made what you would call a sizzle reel. They caught some of the bad moments, some of the good ones, and everything in between.”

The sizzle reel was sent off to High Noon, and it’s now being pitched to networks nationwide. I can promise you, after meeting these two, seeing them express and live their faith, I know that they will make it. They are going to be the next big thing to come out of El Paso!

To watch the videos, head over to their Facebook page and don’t forget to check out their website, and the videos they have there.

Photos courtesy of Ocean Gallery USA and Dorian Construction

RHINOS 2018-2019 728
Bordertown Undergroun Show 728