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Wednesday , April 24 2019
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Texas Military Department to Conduct Annual Training across Texas

AUSTIN –Citizen-Soldiers and Airmen with the Texas Military Department will begin conducting annual training in various cities across Texas, now through the end of August.

During this time, citizens may notice an increase of military personnel within their communities and at businesses, as well as vehicles and convoys passing through towns and travelling major thoroughfares.

“This designated training will put a lot of service members on Texas roads and highways as they convoy to and from training,” said Texas Adjutant General Maj. Gen. John F. Nichols. “We ask our fellow Texans to take care in passing these convoys and even single military vehicles on our roads. Please be aware that our equipment has the same blind spots and longer stopping distances common to all large trucks so we ask that you give them a little extra space.”

The annual training by the Texas Army and Air National Guard and the Texas State Guard is designed to give military commanders the opportunity to take their staff and units to the field to hone service members’ proficiency and maintain a high level of mission readiness.

Additionally, annual training conducted in a joint environment with local and state agencies enables the Texas Military Department to test its ability to react and help improve communication and coordination with its civilian partners.

“We pride ourselves in standing ready to serve the citizens of Texas when needed and called upon,” said Nichols. “We are thankful to the citizens for welcoming us into their communities and could not be successful without their continued support.”

Over the last decade, the Texas Military Department has trained and mobilized more than 31,000 Soldiers across the state of Texas in support of combat operations and natural disaster relief. Most recently, these citizen-guardsmen responded to Hurricane Harvey.

Video+Story: Strong Fathers Program has Great Turn Out at Logan Elementary

Nearly 200 Logan Elementary dads — and a few moms, too — spent Friday morning learning how fathers are an important component of the education process.

The “Bring Your Father to School Day” event is part of the EPISD Family Engagement Strong Fathers program aimed at engaging dads and other male figures in our schools.

“This event really demonstrates that we are a team, as a school, as a family, invested in the students’ education,” principal Sharon Aziz said. “We are so happy to welcome all the dads and give them a glimpse into what their children are learning and doing at school.”

Army Staff Sgt. Matthew Bertolami was delighted to take some time off of work to spend the day with his son Kriztyan.

“I was absolutely excited to come here and be part of his day at school,” Bertolami said. “It’s an exciting opportunity to see what goes on in the classes and how he does in school. He does really well, but it’s great being able to see it first hand.”

The second-grader enjoyed the extra time with his dad at school.

“It feels great,” Kriztyan said. “I’m happy that my dad is here today.”

First-grade student Krystal Sosh took the time to read a book to her dad and share with him what she enjoys about Logan Elementary.

“I’m reading him a book about baby birds,” Krystal said. “My favorite part about school is that you can learn. I am happy he is here. I can show him all the things I do.”

The Strong Fathers program is launching at 15 elementary schools, and will expand to include the remaining elementary, middle and high schools. The program has drawn good participation so far, most recently at Clendenin and Hillside elementary schools, where each school drew more than 100 participants.

“The turn out has been really awesome,” Family Engagement coordinator Angie Ramirez said. “We really want to get dads more involved in their children’s education. Their participation has a big impact on the students’ social and academic performance.”

For siblings Avery and Araia Morant, the day was extra special. Their dad has been in Kuwait since June, but that didn’t stop him from participating thanks to mom Chelie Morant. She facetimes the day’s activities for dad to see.

“He smiled right away. He was really excited. I know it’s hard for him not to be able to be part of the class,” Morant said. “Logan Elementary made sure they made all the parents feel welcome. It felt really special. It was a nice thing to do.”

El Paso in Top 10 Best Places for Veterans to Live

A recent study from personal finance website has identified El Paso as the 6thBest Place for Veterans to Live in 2016.

This latest announcement shows El Paso has jumped up the rankings from last year when the Sun City was named as the 7th Best City for Veterans.

The study compared 100 of the most populated U.S. cities with the goal of identifying the most livable cities for military service members. The key dimensions analyzed include: employment, economy, quality of life, and health.

“El Paso is a great place for our veterans to call home,” said Mayor Oscar Leeser. “El Paso’s relationship with Fort Bliss and our veteran community is strong, and I am a firm believer that we are a great city because we are a military friendly city.”

The City of El Paso organization in recent years has also focused its efforts on our veteran community by creating new initiatives in honor of our city’s heroes.

The City’s most recent effort involves the creation of a new Military Affairs Liaison that will be tasked with overseeing city and regional military issues.

This newly created position will be posted this Thursday, November 10, and eligible applicants will be able to apply.  This position will serve as the liaison between the City organization and Fort Bliss, and will also be involved in the development of special interest programs for veterans and dependents.

The city also has other veteran-centric programs which include:

Veterans Affairs Advisory Committee – This committee was formed to serve as a source of information related to the status, resources and services available within the El Paso community to the City’s large veteran population. In addition, the committee is asked to evaluate and recommend programs, policies and practices designed to alleviate veterans’ difficulties in meeting basic needs related to transportation, housing, employment and other areas affecting veterans in the city.

Veteran City Employee Luncheon – Knowing that veterans are living and working all around us, the City of El Paso organized a Veterans Day Luncheon for its more than 600 employees who are proud veterans. This luncheon allows City leaders to thank our veterans not only for their service to the City of El Paso, but also for their service to our Country.

Veteran Employment Incentive – Last year, City Council approved an update to its economic development incentive policy which includes a bonus rebate (property or sales tax) for companies that actively employ veterans (15% of their workforce) and establish a formal veteran hiring program.

2016’s Best Places for Veterans to Live

Overall Rank      City              Overall Score

1        Scottsdale, AZ              73.54

2        Laredo, TX                    70.20

3        Irvine, CA                     70.08

4        Plano, TX                     69.15

5        Austin, TX                    68.96

6        El Paso, TX                 66.65

7        Colorado Springs, CO     66.45

8        San Diego, CA              66.43

9        Tampa, FL                    66.28

10       Orlando, FL                  65.78

Bordertown Undergroun Show 728
STEP 728
shark 728×90
Rugby Phoenix 2019
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