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Monday , February 24 2020
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Lincoln, Morehead 1st Int’l Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme Schools in EP

El Paso ISD’s Lincoln and Morehead are now officially International Baccalaureate campuses — the only El Paso middle schools to offer the prestigious world curriculum.

“EPISD continues to grow its portfolio of education options for students, and the addition of the Middle Years Programme at Lincoln and Morehead highlights our desire to offer the best possible academic opportunities to all students,” said Superintendent Juan Cabrera.

“These programs create a pipeline to our current high-school IB programs that will have long-lasting impact on education in our community.”

The International Baccalaureate organization announced on Thursday that both Lincoln and Morehead have officially been admitted into the Middle Years Programme designed to give students in sixth- through eighth-grades a rigorous, high-quality curriculum that helps prepare students for a world economy.

The IB Middle Years Programme requires students to receive high-rigor instruction on eight subjects, including: language acquisition, literature, social studies, science, math, art, physical education and critical thinking/design. Students in the program also must engage in a collaborative project involving two subject areas, and complete a long-term project that includes their chosen field of study.

The announcement today caps a two-year admission process for Morehead and Lincoln. A third EPISD campus, Richardson Middle School, also is seeking to become an IB school in the near future. EPISD offers IB programs at Coronado and Andress high schools.

Lincoln and Morehead will begin its IB courses on Monday, when the 2018-19 school year begins. For more information about the programs call Lincoln at 236-3400, and Morehead at 236-3500.

To learn more about the IB Middle Years Programme, click here.

Story by Gustavo Reveles A. | Graphic by Gabriela Warren – EPISD

Video+Story: El Paso ISD Students Present TED Ed Talks

Several EPISD campuses delved into the TED-Ed Clubs this school year, exploring and learning to express their passion through talks. The campuses came together last week for a district-wide TED-Ed Club talk and community presentation at CCTE.

“TED-Ed helps kids develop their confidence in speaking to an audience, develop their ideas and express their ideas,” said Karen Blaine, Chief Academic and Innovation Officer. “This not only prepares for skills they will need in the future, it gives them a place at school to express their passions.”

051817TEDEd244 copy 2Campus participating in the program are: Barron, Cielo Vista, Coldwell, Guerrero, Mesita, Newman and Tom Lea elementary schools; Armendariz, Lincoln, Morehead and Richardson middle schools; Coronado High School and Silva Health Magnet.

“It’s really fun,” said Mathew Hernandez, a Schuster 5th grader. “I think it’s a great idea. You get to express what you feel with the world.”

 The talks included a wide variety of topics including bullying, body image, post traumatic stress disorder and being a good friend.

“I think this is very important because it teaches them that if they have a great idea, their voice matters, too,” said Schuster teacher Stormy Daniels.

Collaboration is key to TED-Ed Club talks. In TED-Ed Clubs, students work together to discuss and celebrate creative ideas. Club leaders051817TEDEd103 copy 2 receive TED-Ed’s flexible Clubs curriculum to guide their school’s club and to help inspire tomorrow’s TED speakers and leaders.

 “I may have a great idea but not speak very well and might need a friend help me articulate it better or make my presentation using technology,” Daniels said. My role has been to guide them and help them with the opportunity. It’s their ideas, they research and the parts they liked they went for.”

District officials and the area TED Ed representative are encouraged by the students’ collaborations and talks. The clubs, which began in EPISD at the beginning of the school year, is open to any campus interested in participating.

“We’re pleased with the response and how the clubs have taken off in such a short time,” Blaine said.

El Paso ISD Students visit Apple Store to Learn Coding

Students from five EPISD middle schools rushed through Cielo Vista Mall earlier this month and it wasn’t to finish their Christmas shopping.

Bassett, Morehead, Armendariz, Charles and Henderson middle schools visited the Apple Store as part of the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools (VILS) grant and a push to introduce students to the fundamentals of coding.

“Coding is part of the larger STEM initiative that is happening all over the country to get kids interested in those areas that we are going to need students involved in,” said Timothy Holt, Executive Director of Blended Learning. “Some of these kids are already interested in coding, but others may have never tried it at all.”

Around 30 students from each school visited the store. Each group was slotted an hour to work with Apple trainers on coding using the Swift Playgrounds app on their iPads.

Using the app, which uses Swift programming language, students directed a character through a simple maze by creating code functions.

unnamed (26)“The app works like a game. So they are learning actual coding language while playing the game,” Holt said. “This is a way of showing them they can be successful in coding. In the future there is going to be a need for more computer programmers not less.”

For eighth-grader Johana Lara coding is part of her family’s legacy. She started coding when she was around eight-years-old, thanks to her older brother who graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and now works for the software developing company MathWorks.

“I’ve worked with JavaScript and HTML. I thought it was difficult at first, but when my brother started at MIT he told me I should start coding,” Lara said. “I was intimidated by it, but once you start it will start becoming more familiar.”

Although she was hesitant at first, Lara now understands the value of learning code.

“I think it’s important for kids to know coding because it is part of the future,” Lara said. “It’s really essential because a lot of jobs today require for you to know more about computers and how to do things with technology.”

Student Omar Mintz is new to coding but as an avid video game enthusiast, he is excited to learn more about it. unnamed (25)

“I’m someone that really enjoys technology. I’ve always liked being part of a virtual world that you can get lost in,” Mintz said.

His favorite games of the moment are Star Wars Battlefront and Final Fantasy XV. As part of the VILS tech team, Mintz has started to learn more about the inner workings of technology –specifically the coding language essential to creating the games he loves.

“We’ve done coding in homeroom, and I’ve enjoyed it so far,” Mintz said. “I like the puzzle aspect that it has to it. I’ve actually put in personal time and effort to learn coding.”

Mintz hopes what he is learning will help launch his future endeavors in programming, and after seeing the sequencing involved in a simple app he has come to appreciate the amount of time that goes into making video games.

“I think that game developers put a lot of effort into making these games,” Mintz said. “Coming here has been a great experience. I am glad they allowed Bassett to come.”

Students at 59 EPISD Campuses will get Free School Lunch, Breakfast

Students 59 El Paso Independent School District campuses will get free school lunches and breakfasts thanks to national program aimed at providing more nutritious meals students.

Laura Durán, EPISD’s Director of Food and Nutrition Services, announced that the District once again will participate in the Community Eligibility Program from the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs.

The Community Eligibility Program, or CEP, provides breakfast and lunch to all children at no cost and eliminates the collection of meal application for free, reduced-priced and paid students meals.

“The application process can be cumbersome for some families, and we know that there are many of our schools that will have a majority of the students qualify for free or reduced-priced meals,” Durán said. “This program gives us the opportunity to reach as many students as we can in order to give them a nutritious meal that will help them be ready for instruction.”

The CEP targets schools with high volumes of students who would already qualify for free or reduced-priced meals based on income or other eligibility requirements.

The schools participating the program are:

• Elementary Schools: About Face, Alta Vista, Aoy, Barron, Beall, Bliss, Bonham, Bradley, Burleson, Burnet, Clardy, Clendenin, Coldwell, Collins, Cooley, Crockett, Crosby, Douglass, Dowell, Fannin, Moye, Hawkins, Hillside, Johnson, Lamar, Lee, Logan, Moreno, Newman, Park, Putnam, Powell, Rivera, Roberts, Rusk, Schuster, Stanton, Travis, Whitaker and Zavala.

• Middle Schools: Armendariz, Bassett, Canyon Hills, LaFarelle, Charles, Guillen, Henderson, Magoffin, Morehead, Terrace Hills, Wiggs.

• High Schools: Austin, Bowie, Chapin, Irvin, Jefferson, Telles Academy and the College, Career and Technology Academy.

Students attending schools not participating in the CEP may qualify free and reduced-price meals through the traditional application process. Each school in EPISD, as well as the Food and Nutrition Services Department, has a copy of the eligibility rules and guidelines policy that are used to determine participation.

Applications may be picked up at each campus, or they may be downloaded from the EPISD website at under the Food and Nutrition Services Department. Applications are also available in at the Food and Nutrition Services office at 6531 Boeing.

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