• April 22, 2021

Tags : movies

Op-Ed: The Green Book Is Divisive, And Maybe That’s A

“The Green Book,” a movie about a white New York bouncer that drives a gifted New York black pianist in the deep south through a concert tour during the Jim Crow 60’s. The movie has three won Golden Globe awards and of course, like many movies that deal with racial issues in America, has caused […]Read More

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Montecillo Presents Teacher Appreciation Week

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, Alamo Drafthouse Montecillo is treating all educators and administrators to a free movie at any time of the day from Thursday, April 27th through Wednesday, May 3rd. “Teachers and educators work hard and deserve recognition,” says Alamo Drafthouse Montecillo Creative Manager, Kyle Alvarado. “We’re looking forward to celebrating them […]Read More

Art on Film: Want to Write a Movie Script?

Have you ever seen a movie (of course, we all have) and wondered, “I can write something like that,” or “I hated the ending, it should have ended like this” and didn’t much do anything about it but just think about it? How would you like to write your own script? Yes, that’s right, it’s […]Read More

Art on Film: How to make your own movie

If you have always wanted to make a movie yourself, there are many great ways to do it. Because I’ve worked and still work in the movie and TV industry, I have gathered a lot of great experience through the years; either hands-on experience or people in the industry  showing me all the ins and […]Read More