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Sunday , November 18 2018
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Changes to International Bridge Toll Rates Take Effect September 1

A new initiative aimed at expediting cross-border vehicular mobility at international bridges managed by the City of El Paso will go into effect on Friday, September 1.

Motorists, commercial and non-commercial, crossing into Juárez through the Stanton or Ysleta/Zaragoza ports of entry will see a 50 cent increase in bridge tolls if they pay with cash.

Fees will not change for motorists, who pay bridge tolls through the Automatic Vehicle Identification label program. Pedestrian bridge tolls also are not affected.

“In our ongoing efforts to expedite traffic at the bridges and to encourage motorists to utilize our Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) label program, a $.50 increase for cash transactions will be implemented effective September 1,” said Paul Stresow, assistant director of the City’s International Bridges Department. “Cash transactions are more labor-intensive and slow down the lines; we encourage motorists to take advantage of convenience of the AVI label program.”

On an annual basis, more than 5 million vehicles, commercial and non-commercial combined, travel into Mexico through these two ports of entry. The change to bridge tolls will help reduce the amount of time vehicles spend idling in traffic and will improve cross-border mobility.

The change was recently approved as part of the City’s budget process.

Motorists may sign up for the Automatic Vehicle Identification label program by visiting the Toll Plaza Office, at the Ysleta/Zaragoza port of entry. To learn more visit the webpage or call (915) 212-7540