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Animal Services – Pet of the Week: Meet Amelia!

Looking for an adventure buddy? Come meet Amelia!

Amelia is a playful and energetic pup looking for someone that she can go hiking, biking, camping or simply just someone to play with in the park or backyard with.

If you’re outdoorsy and want company, Amelia is your girl—she’s up for any kind of adventure! Come meet this friendly girl in A 17, she’s ready to go home today for only $15 with her spay procedure, microchip, initial vaccinations and city license.

NAME: Amelia
AGE: 1 year old
ID: A36017998

Animal Services Pet of the Week: Meet Pups!

Are you looking for a good boy and a friend to always greet you at the door with a smile and a tail wag? Then Pups is the pup for you!

This sweet boy has been looking for his forever home for two months, and is just looking for the right family to cuddle and play with.

Pups is the perfect family dog and is great with kids, cats, dogs, and is sure to bring a little more light into your life! He’s ready to go home today and his adoption is only $15, which includes his neuter procedure, microchip, age-appropriate vaccinations, city license and 30 days of free pet health insurance.

Come meet Pups at the shelter, and make this good boy a happy boy with a forever home!

NAME: Pups

AGE: 2 years old

ID: A34098367​

Animal Services – Pet of the Week: Meet Penny

Meet this lovely little lady, Penny!

Penny is just all around amazing—she’s a sweet girl who loves giving hugs, who loves to play and would love being your new best friend. She’s good with other dogs and is a real cuddiler—Penny would fit in with any kind of family!

POW-PennyCome meet this sweet girl in B1 and to give her a lifetime of love.

You can adopt Penny for only $15 and she’s ready to go home with her spay procedure, microchip, vaccinations and city license.

NAME: Penny

AGE: 2 years old

ID: A35384475

El Paso Animal Services Shelter5001 Fred Wilson Ave

Animal Services – Pet of the Week: Meet Beau

Meet this handsome fellow, Beau. He’s a sweet soul and a favorite companion of the volunteers at the shelter.

He loves to hang out with the other dogs in the park during playgroups, play with toys and go on long walks. His ideal new family is someone who loves the outdoors and would take him camping, hiking or on any new adventure.

POW-BeauHowever, he also is down to lounge on the couch with you and enjoy belly rubs—Beau is in for it all.

Come meet this gentle giant in A2 and give him the loving family he deserves. You can adopt Beau for only $15 and he’s ready to go home with his neuter procedure, microchip, vaccinations and city license.

NAME: Beau

SEX:  Male

AGE: 6 years old

BREED: French Mastiff Mix

ID: A34607955

Animal Services Pet of the Week: Meet Miss Petunia

Meet the lovely Miss Petunia. This sweet little lady has been very patiently waiting for a forever home for over four months.

Petunia is truly amazing—she’s great with other dogs, cats, kids—you could call her a social butterfly. Her hobbies include giving kisses, play time and cuddling. This sweet girl is a perfect match for any kind ofPOW-Petunia family, and if you’re looking for a new best friend, she’s your girl.

Miss Petunia is ready to go home today, and you can adopt her for only $15, which includes her spay procedure, microchip, age-appropriate vaccinations and city license.

Come meet Petunia and give her the forever family and home she’s been eagerly waiting for.

NAME: Petunia

SEX:  Female

AGE: 3 years old

BREED: Pit Bull Terrier

ID: A34515612

Animal Services – Pet of the Week: Meet Moxie!

Meet Moxie, a playful pooch ready to wiggle her way into your heart.

Moxie came to the shelter in February and has been waiting for two months for the perfect family to give her a second chance at a forever home. She’s a sweet girl and loves weekly playgroups, gets along with other dogs and even cats, too.  And if you are the type that likes to go hiking the Franklin Mountains or just enjoy playtime in the backyard, Moxie is the one for you.

POW-MoxieYou can adopt this adorable pup for only $15 and her adoption includes her spay procedure, age-appropriate vaccinations, microchip and city license.

Come visit Moxie at the Animal Services Shelter and give her the forever home she deserves, today!

NAME: Moxie

SEX: Female

AGE: 3 years old

BREED: Pit Bull Mix

ID: A34630322

Animal Services Pet of the Week: Meet Elfie!

Meet Elfie, a cute little Chihuahua who’s waiting to be your lap dog.  This week’s Pet of the Week is a sweet, cuddly girl who’s been waiting to find the perfect family to let her curl up on their couch for some snuggles since January 16.

Elfie is super sweet and mellow, and would be great for someone looking for the perfect lap dog—and she’s hoping with a little luck, she can find her forever home by St. Patrick’s Day.

POW-ElfieHer adoption includes her spay procedure, age-appropriate vaccinations, microchip and city license—and you can adopt her for only $15.

Come visit Elfie at the Animal Services Shelter and give her the loving home she deserves.

NAME: Elfie

SEX: Female

AGE: 5 years

BREED: Chihuahua

ID: A34431205

Animal Services: Pet of the Week – Meet Ajax!

Meet Ajax, a friendly Pit-Terrier mix who just wants to be loved.

This week’s Pet of the Week is a playful boy who likes making friends with just about anyone at the shelter! Ajax is no stranger here at the shelter and is a second-chance adoption—meaning he was adopted once before, but was never picked up by his family.

He’s extremely lovable and is always ready to go up and greet any and all visitors. He’s been waiting for a new forever family again since January 21—come visit sweet Ajax in B4 and you can adopt him for only $15!

POW-AjaxAjax is already neutered and is ready to go home today with his age-appropriate vaccinations, microchip and city license.

NAME: Ajax

SEX: Male

AGE: 1 year

BREED: Pit Bull-Terrier Mix

ID: A34246582

Animal Services Pet of the Week: Meet Annibelle

Meet Annibelle, a Shar-Pei mix with a playful personality.  This week’s Pet of the Week loves being outside and running around in our play yards, by her self or with other pups during playgroups.

She enjoys playing fetch and chasing after the birds outside—but even though she’s really playful, she’s also extremely sweet and loves to cuddle! Annibelle has been with us since January 18 and is still looking for her forever home.

POW-AnnibelleHer adoption includes her spay procedure, age-appropriate vaccinations, microchip and city license.

If you’d like to meet this girl, you can come visit her in A16 at the Animal Services Shelter and adopt her for only $15!

NAME: Annibelle

SEX: Female

AGE: 4 years old

BREED: Shar-Pei Mix

ID: A3445342

Animal Services Pet of the Week: Jasmine

Meet Jasmine—a sweet girl who’s looking for a loving and understanding home! Jasmine is a Border Collie-mix that came to the shelter over a month and a half ago and is still looking for her forever home.

However, her new family does have to be understanding, as she does have an odd gait and bending limitation in one of her back legs, possibly from a birth defect or an old injury. But she’s not in any pain and it definitely doesn’t slow her down—she’s still a playful, energetic and happy pup.

You can adopt Jasmine for only $14 with our “My Furry Valentine” promotion through February 19, and her adoption includes her age-appropriate vaccinations, microchip, spay procedure and city license.

POW-JasmineCome visit Jasmine and give her the forever home she deserves!

NAME: Jasmine

BREED: Border Collie-mix

AGE: 1 year old

ID: A34378655

Animal Services Pets of the Week: Meet Lucy and Xena!

It’s a two-‘fur’-one in this week’s Pet of the Week and both are very fortunate to have been found; now all they need is a loving home!

First we have Lucy, a cute little Calico with a sad past but a bright future! Lucy was brought into us after an El Pasoan saw a cat carrier abandoned on the side of I-10. They pulled over and realized that there was a cat inside, that cat being Lucy, and brought the poor girl to Animal Services.

Who knows how long Lucy was out there because when she was brought in, she was terrified. After about four days, she finally began to relax and now is just as sweet and loving as can be.

Next, we have Xena, a sweet Australian Cattle Dog-mix with a history, also. Xena came in about 2 weeks ago after someone saw her get hit by a car. After further examination, it turns out whoever had her before tried to do an at-home tail-docking job with a rubber band, which ultimately put this poor pup in pain and danger.

Our vets had to do an emergency surgery to remove her tail, and after a week and a half, she’s now healing and thriving! We named this girl Xena because she truly is a warrior princess after going through what she did, and she’s just as sweet as ever. She’s playful and cuddly and would make a perfect family dog.

Lucy and Xena have both been abandoned by the ones that were supposed to love them, and are in need of forever homes with the loving families they deserve. You can adopt both Xena and Lucy for only $15.

POW-LucyNAME: Lucy

SEX: Female

AGE: 4 years old

BREED: Calico

ID: A33690014



POW-XenaNAME:  Xena

SEX:  Female

AGE: 1 year old

BREED: Australian Cattle Dog-Mix

ID: A33713269

Animal Service’s Pets of the Week: Meet Spencer & Riley

First, we have this lovable pup named Spencer. Spencer came to us as a stray and has been at Animal Services for well over 40 days now. He is playful and cuddly, and his smile is always sure to put anyone in a good mood!

Spencer can be adopted for only $20 with our “Back-to-School Buddy” promotion going on until August 31. This price also includes his microchip, age-appropriate vaccinations, neuter procedure and city license.

Second, we have the cuddly cat, Riley. This beautiful orange and white shorthaired cat came to us on June 27 and has been waiting for his forever home for two months! Riley is a very calm, sweet cat that would make a perfect feline friend.

He can also be adopted through our “Back-to-School Buddy” promotion, or if you visit us on Feline Fridays, his adoption fee will be waived!

Come meet Spencer and Riley at the shelter and give them the forever homes they deserve! Their information is:

POW-SpencerNAME: Spencer
SEX: Male
BREED: Border Collie Mix
AGE: 6 years
ID: A32149989
POW-RileyNAME: Riley
SEX: Male
BREED: Domestic Short Hair
AGE: 5-6 years
ID: A32010908

Animal Services Pet of the Week: Blinky

This lovable female dog is named “Blinky.” She came into the shelter two weeks ago and caught all of the shelters attention since she only has one eye.

Despite having one eye, Blinky is playful and enjoys being walked on a leash just like any other dog.

A special adoption fee of $30 has been set for her. This price includes her microchip, age appropriate vaccinations, spay procedure and license. Open your heart this week and give this special girl the home she truly deserves.

POTW - Blinky 2Name: Blinky

Sex: Female

Breed: German Shepherd Mix

Age: 2+ years old

ID: AAAA16-08821

Located in Kennel: B2




Shelter Schedule

Mon, Tues, Thur, &, Fri: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Wed: 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Sat: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Sun: 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Animal Services Center of the Mesilla Valley Pet of the Week: Felicity

23311750 - Felicity (3) Name: Felicity

Breed: Pitbull Mix

Color:  Brindle

Sex:     Female

Age:  ~1 1/2 years old

How can you resist that face?! Meet the adorable and oh-so charming Felicity! She is a young Pitbull who loves people, going on walks and smiling for pictures! This photogenic girl is an avid treat lover who will do just about any trick for a tasty treat!

When Felicity’s not busy rolling over and giving high-fives, she always loves a good belly rub! Felicity has been with us for over a year now; please help this sweet canine find her forever

home today!

Hours of Operation:

Monday thru Friday: Noon to 6pm

Saturday and Sunday: Noon to 5pm


Weekend Off-Site Adoption Events:

Farmers’ Market – Saturday, 8:30am to 1pm      

(Dog adoptions are located at the Far North End of the Farmers Market and cat adoptions are located at

The Center for Spiritual Living, 575 N. Main St.)

                                Petco – Saturday, 10am to 3pm 

Additional Services Offered:

Microchip your pet today for only $20! Available daily- No appointment necessary!

Pet Licenses – City and County licenses available daily. City: Altered $7; Unaltered $50 County:

Altered $7; Unaltered $50

Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Program – Dogs $35, Cats $25. By appointment only.




Donation Requests – We are in need of dog crates, and dog treats (w/ no red dyes).  Collars,

leashes, towels and igloos are also always needed.  Donations can be dropped off during our

normal hours of operation or left at our door if we are closed.  Thank you to everyone who has

already provided donations!


Volunteers Needed – We are looking for volunteers to help us with dog walking, off-site adoption

events, outreach programs, and more. Do you have a few hours a month to help give love and

kindness to a homeless pet? If so, contact us to find out how you can get involved. Call, visit our

website or Facebook page, or stop by the shelter today.


Contact Information:

3551 Bataan Memorial West

Las Cruces, NM 88012