• June 13, 2021

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Pope Francis gives Bishop Seitz 50 rosaries for the fallen,

Bishop Seitz returned from his Ad Limina visit at the Vatican with a gift from the Holy Father, Pope Francis, for the victim’s families and the injured victims of the tragedy at Walmart on August 3rd. During his two and a half-hour audience with the Holy Father, along with the Region X Bishops of Texas, […]Read More

Did the Pope’s Visit Help the Border? Depends Who You

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico — Seven months after Pope Francis made history by visiting this city once considered the deadliest in the Americas, pedestrians can still see a billboard celebrating his visit looming right across the border over downtown El Paso. It’s a reminder that the papal visit to Ciudad Juárez was meant to honor the region’s binational culture and resilience as much […]Read More