• May 28, 2022

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Pope Francis: Journey to Paso del Norte – The Photos

Andres Acosta was in Juarez on Wednesday, February 17, when Pope Francis made his historic visit to our sister city. Andres, as well as reporter Alexandra Hinojosa, were there from start to finish – along with Lolie Aguirre in El Paso – covering the event. Usually this would be a “Story in Six Pics”  but with all […]Read More

Pope Francis: Journey to Paso del Norte – A Self

Let’s start with a full disclosure so there’s no confusion: I’m Catholic. I was raised Catholic and I was educated at two Catholic schools – Loretto Academy for pre-school; and St. Pius X Catholic School from the first through the eighth grades. In high school the cost of a private education was too much. So, it was […]Read More

Pope Francis: Journey to Paso del Norte – The Sun

As I prepared for the pope’s visit to the borderland, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect but decided not to overthink things and simply see where the moments led me. Tuesday, February 16, 2016 – Segundo Barrio As I made my way to Segundo Barrio, I ran across an organized march and rally to […]Read More

Pope Francis: Waiting to Catch a Glimpse

JUAREZ – It was a day of standing and waiting for hours in the sun for the tens of thousands who wanted chance to catch a glimpse of Pope Francis or be in his presence during the Mass. Inside the Juarez Fairgrounds, thousands of Mass attendees crammed into their designated zones. Several brought blankets, pillows, chairs […]Read More

Pope Francis: Journey to Paso del Norte – By The

El Paso Herald-Post Newsroom – FINAL UPDATE 7:45 – Our Herald-Post crew – Alexandra Hinojosa, Lolie Aguirre, Andres Acosta – Thank you for following along with us in this historic event. 7:40 – The big Boeing’s GE Turbofans spool up, and just like that Pope Francis’ historic visit to Juarez is over, but the feelings and the memories […]Read More

Pope Francis: Journey to Paso del Norte – The Arrival

Under what could only be described as a heaven-sent, picture-perfect day, thousands of the faithful turned out at Juarez’s international airport to welcome Pope Francis to the Pass of the North. About 5,000 children, special needs adults and children, as well as local bishops were in attendance to receive Pope Francis at the Benito Juarez International […]Read More

El Paso Police update Road Closures during Pope Francis’ Visit

Preparations continue by the City of El Paso along with its local, state and federal partners for the upcoming landmark border visit by Pope Francis. Traffic measures including travel restrictions and road closures will be carried out to control traffic flow on El Paso roadways and neighborhoods to be most affected by the papal border […]Read More