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Tuesday , November 20 2018
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San Elizario High Seniors Register to Vote Ahead of November Midterms

With the midterm elections approaching, the time to register to vote has arrived.

Brenda Negrete, a representative from the El Paso County Elections Department, stopped by San Elizario High School (SEHS) to assist students ages 18 and over with the registration process.

Negrete gave a brief presentation to a handful of students about the current voting practices in El Paso County. She answered questions from students and presented a few specifics on the voting process.

“Students need to know about the importance of becoming registered voters and making their voices heard,” Negrete said.

Students who registered to vote will receive their Voter Registration Card a few days before the November midterm elections.

“As a citizen of this country, I cannot stress the importance of registering to vote,” said Obed Hernandez, Government & Economics teacher at SEHS.

“Your vote is your voice in the political process. Politics nowadays is very polarized and it can be scary for high school students, but knowing that you are registered to vote puts you in the right direction into getting your voice heard no matter which politician you favor.”

More more information on the upcoming elections, where to vote and how to register, visit the El Paso County Elections website.

Socorro ISD Helps High School Seniors to Register to Vote

Team SISD high schools recently conducted voter registration drives to allow students who are already 18 or who turn that age by election day on Nov. 7 to register to vote.

Many senior students registered and were excited about having a chance to vote in this election.

“I want to have a voice in what happens,” said Melanie Mendoza, a senior at Socorro High School. “I am going to research everything and see which way I vote.”

Socorro High had a registration drive and conducted an assembly so students could learn about the reasons for registering and voting. Teaching students about their civic duty helps create a well-rounded individual and it is part of being stakeholders in their community, said Socorro High School Principal Josh Tovar.

“There is a buzz in the hallways about the upcoming election and voting,” Tovar said. “It’s great. We are preparing students not only to earn their diplomas but also to become involved in the democratic process. Today, we are giving them a little foundation on becoming voters in their community”

Bulldog senior, Lesly Solis, 18, decided to register after listening to the presentation. She hopes her vote counts and wants to see changes that would benefit herself and all her family.

“This whole registering and voting thing makes you feel ‘adultish,’” Solis said. “I am glad I did it. I have a say about what is going on in my world.”

At El Dorado High School, El Paso County Election officials had a voter registration drive inside the school library.

Evelyn Garcia, a co-chair of the student voter initiative for El Paso County, said she was happy SISD was asking seniors to register. Getting students to register is a county-wide effort.

“We want students to know that civic engagement is important,” Garcia said. “It impacts everything from education to health care. That’s why it is so encouraging to see the district making it easier for seniors who qualify to register to vote.”

October 10 is the last day to register to vote for this upcoming election.

Today is last day to register to vote in March 1 Texas Primary

AUSTIN, Texas – Today is the last day for Texans to register to vote in the March 1 primary, but you will also need to make sure you have proper identification when you cast your ballot.

Texas election laws require voters to present an approved ID before entering the voting booth.  Alicia Pierce, communications director for the Texas Secretary of State, says registration is fairly simple.

“One of the most convenient ways to register to vote is to go to,” she points out. “And there you can print, and then sign and mail in your form. As long as your application is marked by Feb. 1st, you should be OK to be register to vote.”

You can also register in person at your county clerk’s office or substation.

A Texas state law, which is currently being challenged in the courts, requires voters to present a valid license, state-issued ID, passport, citizenship certificate or military ID to cast a ballot. You can even use a license for a concealed handgun.

Pierce says the state is also issuing limited-purpose election identification certificates through the Driver License offices. Those offices are open during business hours Monday through Friday and some Saturdays.

And while you need an ID when voting, you don’t need one to register.

“However, we do ask you for the last four digits of your Social Security number or your driver’s license number or personal ID number,” Pierce adds.

Primary ballots will include your party candidates for president, as well as statewide and local elections.

Early voting for the March 1 primary runs Feb. 16 through 26. Go to for more information. For local information click HERE.

Author: Mark Richardson – Texas News Service

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