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Sunday , October 21 2018
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Rail work Advancing Quickly on Kansas St; Crews Drill into Rock on Stanton Street

Crews from Paso del Norte Trackworks will close Overland Avenue to east-west traffic immediately west of Kansas Street Wednesday, as rail work advances more quickly than expected along that stretch of the El Paso Streetcar Project’s 4.8 mile route.

Along with Texas Avenue, Overland will remain closed thru Friday, December 23, 2016. At that time, an additional southbound lane is scheduled to open on Kansas Street. Main Drive, Mills Avenue, Texas Avenue, Overland Avenue will also fullly reopen to east-west traffic.

San Antonio Avenue and First Avenue are expected to remain closed to east-west traffic immediately west of Kansas Street after December 23.

Elsewhere, crews will continue drilling foundations for the poles which will support the Overhead Contact System (OCS) which will power the El Paso Streetcars. In the coming days, crews will begin drilling foundations in the area of Cathedral High School. Because crews expect to encounter especially hard rock in this area which will make drilling particularly noisy, crews have coordinated the work to take place during the school’s Christmas Break.

To accommodate this work, Stanton Street will be closed to thru traffic between River Avenue and Rio Grande Avenue beginning on Friday, December 16, 2016. This work will last for approximately five weeks.

Other Traffic Impacts Which Will Remain in Place During the Week of December 19:

Complete Closures:

  • Franklin Avenue between Santa Fe Street and the mid-block alley between Oregon and Mesa.
  • Oregon Street between Main Drive and Missouri Avenue
  • Crosby Avenue, Cliff Drive, River Avenue, California Avenue immediately west of Oregon Street
  • Arizona Avenue between Kansas Street and Stanton Street
  • Arizona Avenue between Mesa Street and Oregon Street
  • Rio Grande Avenue between Oregon Street and El Paso Street

Lane Restrictions:

  • Oregon Street open to northbound traffic only between Nevada Avenue and Rim Road
  • Oregon Street between Nevada Avenue and Yandell Drive
  • Yandell Drive at Oregon Street
  • Rio Grande Avenue at Stanton Street
  • Santa Fe Street open to southbound traffic only between Franklin Avenue and Paisano Drive
  • Santa Fe Street between Paisano Drive and Montestruc Court